Beautiful Zhicuo wins the new look forward to China and the United States

[] Du Dawei, senior researcher, Brookins Society, US Zhiku, said to the author, the eight-round China-US strategy and economic dialogue (S & ED) have a lot of bright spots, and maintaining the Chinese and American high-level dialogue mechanisms for managing bilateral relations and proper Solving the differences. When visiting the American Zhiku

  Fu Qiang, president of the National Trade National Committee, told the author, the two parties agreed to exchange new negative list bids in mid-June, and strive to achieve a high-level bilateral investment agreement of mutually beneficial and win-win, this effort is worthy of affirmation.

In the view of Fu Qiang, the end of the bilateral investment agreement largely depends on whether China is ready to cancel foreign investment in China’s many industries. If China’s new negative list length is shortened, this is negotiated It is a good sign. Jacob Kirkgard, a senior researcher, a Senior researcher in the United States Zhicu, Peterson International Economics, believes that the shortened negative list is highly coordinated. The two parties agree to exchange negative list bids in mid-June, but the negotiation results need to Observed. In addition, the eight-round China-US strategies and economic dialogue is the last participation of the Obama administration, the largest, the most widely high-level dialogue mechanism, the largest number of high-level dialogue mechanisms, China and the United States, financial monetary cooperation, and A number of consensus reached global economic governance.

  Fu Qiangne ??believes that China and the United States strategic and economic dialogue is based on many of the issues that need to strengthen contact between China and the United States, solve many problems in the relationship between the two countries; as the world’s largest two economies, both parties need to communicate more rather than more few.

He suggested that this dialogue mechanism makes it more effective, but high-level contact is an essential element of Sino-US relations.

  Kirkgard believes that Sino-US strategies and economic dialogue are part of management of Sino-US relations, and we should not reach some specific results as a standard for judging S & ED success. He said that S & ED can "avoid stupid things", "avoiding small problems to develop a big problem", its value is largely potential, if Sino-US relations suddenly have important problems, the two governments have S & ED can be used.

  US Finance Minister Jacob Lushi believes that the value of testing China ‘s strategic and economic dialogue is whether to expand economic opportunities through bilateral relations, to help the two people to achieve its desire to create conditions, and the practice of eight rounds of dialogue has passed like this test. Dialogue promotes the continuous deepening of China and US economic and trade cooperation, promoting the increase in economic development and employment in the two countries, bringing real interests to the people of the two countries.

Regardless of the next US government to take the stage to China policy, the essence of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation will not change, the people of the two countries are willing to strengthen cooperation and control and control differences will not change, this will be the relationship between the two countries. Mature logo.

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