Wang Youcai looked at others with dumb eyes like a drunkard,Hu Huiru opened the packet,Draw two stacks of hundred dollar bills from it,Thrown in front of Wang Youcai,Then left without saying a word。

The whole process takes less than a minute,But Wang Youcai seems to be stunned,He didn’t say a word,Looking at these two stacks of banknotes,He really can’t tell“Do not”This word,He really couldn’t refuse Hu Huiru’s temptation to him。
Wang Youcai picked up the bill,Sniffed,It seems to smell of perfume,This smell must be from Hu Huiru,He sucked greedily,Unfortunately this smell is too weak,
Wang Youcai sat and didn’t move,But lit a cigarette,He enumerated all the women he passed by,But no one can compare with Hu Huiru,Even Lan Ling from Beauty International,It’s a big difference。 This woman really fascinates him。
Refused to cooperate with her,It means that they will not have a great chance to have a meal together in the future,If you follow her,There is absolutely no problem eating fragrant and spicy,Even he can get a foreign girl,But this woman is too dangerous。
Wang Youcai thought of this,He threw the unburned cigarette on the ground,Stepped on it,Walked through the door of this restaurant。
Lang Lang night sky,It’s rare to see a round moon,At this time, Wang Youcai was walking on the road alone,He is so confused。He is Xiangdong?Still west。
at this time,Suddenly someone shouted:“Is it Mr. Wang??”
Wang Youcai turned around,I saw a beautiful woman standing behind him with a suitcase,He took a closer look,Could not help but smile:“Yo!Li Na!Where are you going?”
So this woman,Li Na, the foreman of the heart,She is Lan Ling’s subordinate,Leading a team of people to work hard in the heart touching world,Wang Youcai didn’t take advantage of her less。
“President Wang, this is a person watching the moon!I went back to my hometown,This is not just off the train。I looked like you just now,But dare not call you,It’s really you when I get closer!”Li Na said softly,There is an alluring smell all over the body。
Wang Youcai:“Oh!“With a,Looking back at the community behind him, he said:”Do you live here?Do you want me to send you up?“When Wang Youcai saw a beautiful woman,There is power all over。
“OK!It’s an honour to have Mr. Wang give it away“This woman will come,Then he passed the gift box in his hand,Two people walked into the community side by side。
Wang Youcai is walking,Asked softly:“when did you go back,Why i don’t know at all?“
“Humph!You don’t care about others,I went back years ago。Your thoughts are on Sister Lan,I can think of these people“Li Na’s voice,Mei De Wang Youcai can’t wait to pick her up now,But not,This is in the district,He really doesn’t have the courage to come and go。
Li Na lives on the top floor,When Wang Youcai brought her gift box upstairs to the door,Was so tired that he was out of breath,No wonder he said to send her off,The woman agreed,Feelings want him to be a porter!When Wang Youcai was thinking about this,,Li Na has opened the door。
Wang Youcai carried the box and rushed in step by step,Turns out this is a one-bedroom apartment,A bedroom connected to the living room,The second is the kitchen and bathroom。Due to the long absence,There is a layer of dust in the house。