Under whole,It’s almost hitting the scene of this tomb.!

“It should be the fossil spirit。”Murong Jiu Sheng said to Shangguan Haishu,Obviously, there is no meaning of the deer.。
“Otherwise……”Shangguan Haishu asked。
Murongjiu shook his head,Only say:“The corpse is simple,Before it……”
“It should be the observatory of the rivers and lake warlocks.?”Shen Laison said at this time。
For the middle of the rivers and lakes that have been still wanted to shoot,As if it is the last straw against the camel,Let their hearts,The battle is more and more depressed。
Originally, I want everyone to shoot.,At this time, I saw someone to endure.,Naturally, I have to bear it.,Underground influence,The war is extinguishing faster!
This is why the gray bat exit,Chu Dee people don’t give him a chance to repent。
Once it is picked up,That is, it is the opposite situation.。
See Chu Tai Year’s Dafa,Demon,Simply forward,Shaolin is also quiet after a while,Announce:“Amitabha,If there is anything other than one other high,That Xie Xun is handed over to Chu Lee.,I hope that after the Chu Lee……”
“There is also a round。”Chu Deirers have interrupted the way。
Muan is difficult by the Chu Deirers.,But don’t say more,Just want to open a meeting soon、Quickly!
Xie Xun was brought by several monks.,As Xie Xun,Sudden people have riots——These are true and Xie Xun Have a hatred,After seeing him,Immediately kill the machine,Just awkward,I haven’t dare to move in a time。
“Xie Lion!your eyes……Is it Shaolin??”Chu Deiren saw Xie Xun,Suddenly shocked。
Mystery and others are gone by gorgens——Xie Xun was ignored when he was overseas.……Others don’t know,Don’t you know??
Xie Xun:……
Xie Xun did not think,Chu Dee people come so out,Some embarrassment:“fall、It is not,I am not careful.。”
In fact, this is overseas,At that time, Zhang Wuji was not born yet.,Xie Xun has a mad,Want to kill Yin Sui and Zhang Cuishan,Results were used by Yin Sui silver needle。
Before today,There are not many people who know Xie Xunzhi in the rivers and lakes.。
“Hey,so it is。”Chu Deiren“Xie Lion king does not want to investigate,Then forget it”Eye,Looking at the monk of Shaolin,Master a master。
“Round teacher,You also come out!Since you enter my Shaolin Gate Wall,That day……Be in Shaolin,Make a break with the front dust!What is the Chu Lee?、Want,Come on it.!”Some can’t say the air。
I am deer,Let’s have a priest,Suggested emptiness of seven-mouth eight tongues Read more Buddhist scriptures,Strong is so big,It is definitely practicing Dragonfly Hand、Practice to walk into the magic……
Memorable air wants to flex people!
“Amitabha!”The round is really sad.。
And the original looks normally,In a moment of circle,It’s a roaring.:“Chengkun!”
Cancer in tone,Already over overflow。
Francisco:The more you are angry.、The more I don’t understand, the words are good.!
At the same time, the face is getting striped.,A pair is still a bitter look,Look at Xie Xunxiang:“Idiot、Idiot!If it is killed,You can get free,That……”
“well said!”Chu Deirers said,Sudden shot,Taking the soft silk coat。
“And slow!”