“Good good!I’ll catch up now“Xia Jian shouted,Hung up the phone。

Wang Lin, who was about to go out, saw Xia Jian like this,She walked over and said:“Uncle is sick and he has a doctor,Don’t take risks,Must be open to leave”
at this time,Fang Fang’s call is coming,Xia Jian couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief,One call,He asked:“Is the highway open??”
“Yes,You go downstairs quickly!We should be able to make it before dark”Fang Fang said happily on the phone。
Xia Jian casually brought something and turned and left,Wang Lin reminded him:“Bank card with,If you can’t work in Pingdu, turn to here,I’ll call you at the hospital”
Xia Jian nodded,I walked downstairs quickly。The black BMW has long been parked at the door of the first floor lobby。Xia Jianyi got in,Fang Fang said:“Drive faster today!”
Fang Fangyi listen,I looked at Xia Jian suspiciously,This is not Xia Jian’s style,Even though he is always busy doing things,Resolute and resolute,But when I got in the car, I never urged the car to go fast,What happened today?Just snow,He has to drive the car faster。
Fang Fang started the car,Drove out the door of the company smoothly,Wait for the main road,Fang Fang kept adding oil。The car shuttled around in the traffic,Xia Jian closed his eyes tightly,A picture of giving herself to Fang Fang。
On the high highway,Cars are gradually becoming scarce,It may be caused by high close!Fang Fang relaxed now,Asked softly:“What the hell is going on?”
Xia Jian just opened his eyes,See the pointer on the dial has been shaking around one hundred and sixty yards,This is ah!serious。
“Not so fast,Just keep it normal,Otherwise, I can’t afford the fine”Xia Jian felt sorry for the money again。Actually he said so,I’m afraid of driving too fast in case something happens again,It’s not worth the loss。
The car ran forward,The snow on both sides of the road is getting less and less。Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“My mom called just now,Say my dad is sick,Let me go home quickly,Are you saying this is true or…”That’s it for Xia Jian,Sorry to stop。
Fang Fang stared at the front,Smiled slightly:“Auntie won’t call you normally,Uncle should be sick,Anyway, you have a meeting in the city tomorrow,Don’t go back to see it tonight.”
The more Xia Jian thinks, the more anxious he gets,I want to grow wings and fly back。He can’t help it,So I called home,Unexpectedly, it was Dad Xia Zecheng who answered the phone。
“dad!Didn’t mom say you were sick??Why are you still at home,Didn’t she ask her to take you to the hospital??“Xia Jian couldn’t help but yelled on the phone。
Xia Zecheng heard a rush of coughing,He said with a little effort:“You hurry home,Let’s go together,You and she can’t,I don’t want her to send me“
“How about this!I asked Erniu and Sanhu to help,I will call them“Xia Jian said loudly。
Xia Zecheng listened,Shout on the phone:“Why are your ears turned over??I want you to take me to the hospital,No one else can“He hung up the phone after talking。