Expert: It’s no good to increase the blind stretch of yoga

Expert: It’s no good to increase the blind stretch of yoga

According to the video tutorial, I practice yoga every day. After 3 months, why haven’t I grown?

“Ms. Zhang, who was 153 cm tall, called our newspaper’s health hotline yesterday and questioned whether the heightened yoga popular on the Internet was really effective.

  A reporter search found that more than 10 websites on the Internet are selling yoga CDs and teaching materials and advertising in eye-catching positions, such as “Any heightening medicine and booster will not allow adults to increase another 1 cm, but if you are still eager to increase, And unwilling to do broken bone surgery, then only increasing yoga can help you increase 3-6 cm. ”

  On other video sites, Yoga Yoga tutorials have gained thousands of clicks.

In the video, the coach poses “shooter pose”, “swan pose”, etc. The video explains that there are 33 bones in the human spine. If the gap between the two vertebrae is reduced by 1 mm, then the 33 vertebrae can make the human body grow about 3 inches tall.

3 cm.

  In doing so, Xiao Shaoxiong, director of the Department of Orthopaedics of Wuhan First Hospital, said that the epiphysis of adults has been closed and it is impossible to grow taller. Heightening yoga can increase height through displacement and widening the bone gap, which cannot be sustained.

He further explained that when waking up in the morning, the gap between the human bones is stretched because of rest; before going to bed at night, the spinal space is compressed due to the load during the day, so the average person is 1-2 cm higher in the morning than at night, but this height difference cannot reflect the height.
  Ye Zhewei, associate professor of orthopedics at Union Hospital, also believes that even if the wide bone gap is enlarged by external force traction, the height will quickly rebound to its original height and cannot be increased.

  For adolescents in development, is it useful to practice heightened yoga?

Huang Yan, director of pediatrics at Wuhan Pu’ai Hospital, reminded that it is not suitable for minors to practice heightened yoga, because the bone and joint space of minors is already wider than adults, and blind stretching is not good.

  Experts point out that height is related to many factors such as genetics, nutrition, exercise, environment, and endocrine. Those with short stature should establish a good mentality, balance nutrition, strengthen exercise, and do not blindly pursue heightening.