Sanshen is a dish,Also known as honey。

The main course is a live mouse less than a day old,I haven’t grown hairy yet,Chen Xiu caught the little mouse with chopsticks,it will“Squeak”Scream,This is the first squeak。
When we dip it in soy sauce,Will again“Squeak”Bang,This is the second squeak。
When the diners next to you put the mouse in the mouth,The mouse makes the most
234 tapping
Under normal circumstances,Chen Xiu won’t borrow。
Although he has Guyu’s plug-in to transform his body,Make the body stronger,But he really doesn’t know if Gu Yu can stop the small advertisements covered with telephone poles.“LINdisease、syphilis!”
It is said that Emperor Tongzhi wanted to open the door and borrow a water heater to bathe this young lady,So I got one of the above two diseases early,Hung up early!
But the young lady in front of me is really amazing,Especially after drinking alone in a foreign country,Especially easy to commit crimes!
Chen Xiu fights between heaven and man,Two voices in my heart are talking,Are trying to convince each other。
“Borrow it,Occasionally indulgence once will not win the bid!”
“Don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case
235 Can really hear