“I know,Otherwise, the ancestors will not send four to help me。”Li Ming nodded,“The Intelligence Department of the Virtual Universe Company will fully support me。No matter how,Thank you four for your help,I didn’t come to this winter cosmic country to mess around,I’m afraid there will be many assassinations。”

“Rest assured,We will desperately protect you。”Talking is among the three world masters【Burst Ape】,He is stronger than most immortal warlords。
A few minutes later。
“Your Highness Urus,We have arrived~”The only woman among the three world masters【Rapier】Said with a smile。
“Welcome Urus to the winter cosmos~”A voice came into the spaceship,Deep voice。“Your Highness Urus,I also trouble you to park the spacecraft at the designated berth。”
“Taba(Babata),Stop the spaceship。。。Lei Jiahou、There are three more,Let’s go meet the people from the Dongyu universe。。。”
Yuba Meteor Star has landed on Donglan Emperor Capital Star—Of course, to hide the identity,The Meteorite was temporarily named‘Star’—-Anyway, Li Ming has hardly used Meteorite before,And in the universeF9There are more than one spacecraft made of the red mixed copper mother,No one will doubt the owner of Meteorite Star。
Meteorite landed safely,Hatch open。
Li Ming and five people,Filed out of the spaceship。
The young dragon headed by the dragon race,There is a strange gem into the scales on the eyebrows,The temperament of the whole person looks domineering and easy-going。
Follow behind,Is a dragon god who is like the incarnation of thunder,Immortal shock,Lightning blue light in your eyes。
Flaming old man。
Bald,A gloomy youth。
Quiet woman holding a sword。
Everyone’s breath is amazing。