Jingpu listened to Lingju’s words,Suddenly,What is a small addiction?,The essential,I really don’t have it!!

Immediately,Jingpu quickly said:
“Is not,I really don’t have that habit,Really,I mean……”
But Jingpu’s words are not finished yet,Lingju blushed suddenly and quickly said:
“senior……I know,I know,Stop talking about such shameful things……”
After speaking,Lingju lowered his head again and blushed slightly:
“and……I’m not angry either……”
What do you know you!
Jingpu still wants to explain clearly to Lingju,I’m really not a pervert,only,Lingju doesn’t seem to want to talk about this shameful topic anymore,Hurriedly said:
“Damn,Senior won’t talk about this,That one……What are we going to do in Qinghe Town??”
Don’t know why,Jingpu felt that Lingju’s tone seemed to have become cute。
Jingpu sees Lingju and asks serious things,Dang Even hurriedly said:
“Go buy something to eat,I’m also buying some floor tiles,Get ready to decorate the lower front yard。”
Ling Jing looked back at Jingpu Road slightly curiously:
“Is it just these things?”
Lingju thought that Jingpu has something big to do,But did not expect,Just these things。
Jingpu nodded slightly:
“Where will I stay in the future,Naturally tidy up the house,Live comfortably,It’s comfortable to watch。”