Fat eunuch,But all the eunuchs in the palace‘Ancestors’,Once the eunuch’s personal eunuch。

If it is a real mundane country,I am afraid that such an identity has long been secretly given by the current emperor‘deal with’Up。but,Ai Jia is a family of Xiuxian,Personal service as the owner,This group of core eunuchs have also practiced。
Ancestors,It is a great monk who has cultivated to perfection in the Purple Mansion,Top masters ranked in the entire Eight Dragons World,The new emperor is naturally unable to sever himself。
“No hurries?”Ancestors,Or Li Ming, disguised as an old eunuch, opened his mouth and smiled:“Let them make trouble,You pay more attention to practice one by one,Don’t Talk About Zifu,Is able to become innate,Do they dare to sacrifice you easily??”
“Ancestor,We little eunuchs,Serve every master,Poor talent,Still incomplete,How can you cross into the Purple Mansion with your ancestors so powerfully?。”
“It’s not easy to become a congenital,The mother who served the empress,Wasn’t she defeated by the two princesses?,If it’s not the queen’s pleading,I’m afraid the emperor will be beheaded。”
“That’s it,Also expelled from the palace。”
“Oh,It was the little girl who attacked more than 40 years ago?How did you do it。”
“This one。。。”‘Little Eunuch’Looked around,Head close to the ears of the ancestors:“Bright side,Means that the mother abetted the queen,Cause the palace chaos。But secretly,The little ones are spreading,When the emperor doubted the identity of the two princesses,The mother took the initiative to sentence the two parents。”
“Really moved?”
“This one?”The little eunuch was a little concerned about him,“Is there such a rumor,But the little ones dare not talk nonsense。”
“Talk about it!”Li Ming waved his hand,An array prohibition is on,“My ancestors here,Open formation,Even that one~”Li Ming pointed to the sky,“The emperor would never want to hear。not to mention,His old man doesn’t care about this little thing。”
“Passed down by us,Although the mother is very strict,But I don’t have the courage to take the initiative to the father。It is said that the two men who took the initiative to sentence,Is now the emperor!”
puff,Li Ming spit out a sip of tea。
“Desperate,Dare to spread this matter。”Li Ming said angrily。
“Dare not dare,I’ve slapped a few little guys,They dare not say any more,I’m just talking to your ancestors。”
“All right,Old ancestors, I am very quiet,You let that little girl come over and let me see。”
“This。。Ancestors,The emperor。”
“The little emperor,I’m the ruler。。。Unless that kid can step into the Purple Mansion,Otherwise, I still have to give me this little face。”