“Brother Wang is a cheerful person,Then I’m welcome。Little sister has encountered something difficult,I have to ask Brother Wang to do it,Help us!”Lan Ling put away her usual charming look,Said seriously。

Wang Youcai also looked straight,Asked very seriously:“what’s up?Just say happily。Can help,I will definitely help,But can’t help,Even if I promised you,Also lied to you,Are you right?”
“Brother Wang will definitely help me with this,It depends on whether Brother Wang is willing to help”Lan Ling said,Talking eyes smiled。
Wang Youcai asked with a smile:“Isn’t it because you provoke someone in Pingdu?!Why haven’t I heard Wu Wu say?”
“Not a flat city,But Qingshan County”Lan Ling finally revealed the cause。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,He turned his tongue and asked:“Why did your troubles get to Qingshan County??Isn’t it what happened when people from either side came to us for consumption?!”
“Not Brother Wang。Our boss Wen also opened a beauty international in Qingshan County。Where is Chen Na responsible?,Of course,I’m in charge of her。Since the business opened here,It has always been neither plague nor popular,So I went over and took a look the day before yesterday”
“Also bad luck,The night I went,In Qingshan County, a social bastard named Luo Liuzi brought people to play,When he sees me, he asks them to drink with them。Out of politeness,I toasted seven or eight of them when they left,This person is very domineering and will not let me go”
“Said he wanted to cover me,And take me away at night。Chen Na came and told them,I am the boss,Come and check their work,But this person not only doesn’t listen,Oppose me。I was angry,Just slapped the guy”
I didn’t expect him for a while,So I made an appointment with 23 people from the community,Ready to hit the place,In a hurry,I called Boss Wen,He called the local police station,These people saw the police come forward,It’s gone”
“You know this,Not over at all,They sent someone over,I will come to Beauty International to solve this problem tomorrow night,So I can only ask someone to come forward”
Lan Ling finally explained the ins and outs of the whole thing clearly,Wang Youcai was speechless when he heard it,He thought for a while and said:“This is a bit difficult,you need to know,The birds of Dongshan won’t work if they fly to the west。I don’t know where in Qingshan County”
“I know this is difficult,That’s why I invited Brother Wang。If it’s a trivial matter,I’m not ashamed to bother you”Lan Ling’s mouth,I really know how to say。
Wang Youcai knows clearly,Qingshan County is not big,But it is a county after all。The more calm the surface looks,The deeper the water here。
Such mixed water,He better go less。Thought of here,Wang Youcai stood up。