Although the True God Dao Ancestor is less,But only one Suiren,Its deterrence is no less than those of the founders of the real gods。

not to mention,Behind the human race is the Nuwa Empress, the number one powerhouse in the chaotic world.,And Zhulong Yuanshi and other existences also faintly favor Humans。
The pattern of the entire Pangu Chaos World has not changed,But the human race has begun to fight for its own position。
The rise of mankind,It also caused a party in the Pangu Chaos World to emerge。
For example, a man born in charge of the Avenue of Lights,It is also the establishment of the True God of Chaos, who has understood the Fire Xing Tian Dao and claimed to be the ancestor of the Lantern Dao Dao.‘Buddha’Door force,There are also several true gods and Taoist ancestors under his command。
same,At the western end of the big river,Kuafu Houyi and several other gods and demons joined forces to establish‘Sorcery’。
Similar denominations,Spring up like mushrooms in the entire Pangu chaotic world,A hundred flowers bloom。
But the real inheritance,And only a few of them。
at the same time,Above Zhongshan。
Li Ming sitting on the top of the mountain,Hair is split randomly,Close your eyes clearly,But still blooming with endless brilliance。
“Even the little guy Suiren understands the four heavens,I didn’t understand anything!”
“Body of Gods and Demons,It’s really bad in terms of understanding。”
Li Ming is a little helpless。
His in the origin law of space‘Knowing’Is the same thing,But the understanding of the body of gods and demons is another matter。
Since reincarnated as a candle dragon,In addition to the obscure attainment,He also understood the Taiji Dao and the Time Avenue。
Tai Chi Power Five Plus Body,The body law combined with the original law of space,To fight the ancestral gods。
And heaven?He has long understood the way of life,But stuck at the last step,Delay in breaking。
but,There is always thin hair。
The way of life is hard to comprehend,But a true god,It also has a powerful insight far beyond the vision of the ancestor god,And will never fail to understand。
Li Ming closed his eyes,Cut off distracting thoughts。