Construction Bank Harbin Development Zone Branch creates temperature-tempered financial window

  Construction Bank Harbin Development Zone Branch to carry out partial history education as an opportunity, focusing on the intention of the people, adhere to the people’s service, and launch a series of convenience for the people, take the initiative to do practical things, do things, solvent, let finance The window is more temperature. Recently, Ms. Liu, Harbin, downloaded the "CCB Life" app under the guidance of the construction bank development zone staff, and enjoy the "1 yuan to eat dumplings" and other consumption discounts. The "CCB Life" App is a one-stop life service platform for the construction bank. Cooperative merchants cover the people’s clothing and food, so that the general public online consumption is more convenient, preferential, and diverse choices. For the financing pain points in the development of small and micro-enterprises, the construction bank Harbin Development Zone Branch uses the "Small Micro-Perfume" series of products, promotes the batch of customers, precise portraits, automation approvals, intelligent wind control, and integration. Serving new models of corporate financing, drainage Puhui financial source live water to inject vitality and add vitality to small micro enterprises. As of the end of September this year, the "small micro-fax" credit amount reached 100 million yuan, and nearly 420 enterprises. At the same time, the construction bank Harbin Development Zone Branch pays attention to the business outlet window as a carrier, and the public is launched to the public, anti-counterfeit currency, combating online fraud and other normal financial knowledge, and in-depth development of "Financial Knowledge Miles" and "Financial Standard The theme activities such as the people of the people. Actively create a good social atmosphere of broad learning, understanding of the law, and rule abiding. Construction Bank Harbin Development Zone Branch adheres to the practice of implementing openness, putting "Waiter Harbor" as a service resource share, financial rewards important carrier, equipped with older glasses, umbrella, money counter, dressing machine and other common facilities and water dispenser , Snacks, candy, etc., provide you with a rest of your own foot, charge, drink, and use a pharmaceutical box for the outlets, free to wash the hand, disinfect wipes, masks and other epidemic prevention items. At present, there have been "Workers Harbor" in the jurisdiction over 7 business outlets. (Wang Nan Qin "+1.