Beijing nucleic acid test price will drop to 58 yuan each time

Original title: Beijing nucleic acid test price is now down to 58 yuan this newspaper (Reporter Ji Li) Yesterday, the Beijing Medical Insurance Bureau will be the Municipal Health and Health Committee, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Human Social Security Bureau, issued "on further reducing new typesNotice of the price of coronavirovirus nucleic acid testing project, from October 26th, the city’s public medical institution new crown virus nucleic acid detection single sample price is reduced to 58 yuan / time, 5 samples, 10 sample mixing test price synchronizationSample 30 yuan, 20 yuan fell to 18 yuan, 13 yuan.This time is the fifth dynamic adjustment of the new coronavirus nucleic acid detection project.

  According to the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the price is the highest government guide price, and public medical institutions shall not float, but can be adjusted down according to their own situation, and the lower floating is not limited.

In addition, non-public medical designated medical institutions are also implemented in accordance with the above-mentioned policies when providing nucleic acid detection services for insured personnel.

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