Sinan County Government Office: Normalization Launches Strictly Party Subject Responsibility

On November 18th, the Office of the People’s Government of Sinan County has been comprehensively improving from the second half of 2021, further deepening the "two responsibilities" of party style and clean government construction, and effectively put discipline and rules in front. . This interview, in strict accordance with cadres management authority, the main person in charge of the county people’s government is talking about team members, and the members of the team will talk about the head of the department, one-on-one discussion.

Mainly talk about the implementation of "one post and double responsibility", party history learning education and theme education results, personal integrity and self-discipline, and strict discipline, the implementation of the implementation of the party’s main responsibility, party style and clean government construction responsibility system, etc. Strengthen the party’s political construction, serious party’s political life and the problem of honesty, and honesty points in the work of power supervision and restrictions.

The discussion requirement, to accurately grasp the new requirements of strict treatment, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution; to firmly set the bottom line awareness, hold the legal bottom line, discipline bottom line, policy bottom line, moral bottom line; to strengthen Affordable, works, and fulfills the responsibility of "one post and double responsibility". Talk about 25 people, but also all coverage.

Through the layer layer, a pair of conceptual conversations are carried out, and the political responsibility is compacted. It implements a clean government demand. It has effectively conducted pressure on all party members and cadres, and supervising the awareness of the party’s responsibility for the party and governments. Strictly implement the "two responsibilities", do a responsibility, responsible, and lose their responsibility.

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