Chen Xiu rolled his eyes,Twenty years ago, mobile phones were still feature phones,Or Nokia flip,Now the apples are out of ten, OK?,5G’S time has come。

A number twenty years ago,How small is the chance of getting through!
“It’s ok,I will fight by another person,This guarantee works!”
Yi Zhixing dialed another number to go out,A low male voice came across:“Hey,Who are you?”
421 Hook loophole
Chen Xiu is looking towards the journey of change,The latter nodded to him。
“Convenience,I am in Tongzhou now。When is it convenient for you to come over?”
“I will be there tomorrow,Call you when I arrive!Don’t let me dove!”
“Miyazumi,I dare to let you dove!”
“it is good,Then it’s settled!”
After Gong Daoming hung up,,Chen Xiu put the phone away,To Yizhixing:“All right,Things are done,People will arrive tomorrow,Go to sleep。
Chen Xiu and the weasel are going to sleep in their room,Yi Zhixing stopped the two of them and pointed to the Northern Song Dynasty Geyao Kuikou pen washing on the coffee table.:“Hold on to our previous rules,Before the thing is released。In order to prevent someone from being disoriented