“Nonsense,How to keep?No one on the road knows that our relationship with Yuxing is getting closer,This fucking even borrowed money,Are you blind to others??”Although Hua Shengqiang said so,,But what the brother said made him feel the seriousness of the situation。Originally, the relationship between Yuxing and Yuxing was purely mutually pleasing to the eye,And it can also play a role in containing Wang Fan,I don’t think so。But if Wang Fan dies,The situation is complicated,What should Fukuyama colleagues think?Brothers of the Hua family and Yuxing wear a pair of pants,It’s as uncomfortable as being roasted on a fire。

Hua Shengqiang is not timid,I used to fight for territory with Wang Fan,But after all, it’s a battle between locals,Won’t cause too much trouble。Now let him fight the whole Fukuyama Road for foreigners,He asked himself not yet prepared,Besides, behind Wang Fan stood a big drug lord who could not afford to offend。
Hua’s second child looked at Hua Shengqiang anxiously,Aggravated tone,“You care about him so much,Anyway, keep your distance,This money can’t be borrowed。As for the ones already lent out,Let’s slowly figure out a way to take it back。And you think about it,How many planes Yuxing has done in Fushan over half a year?I won’t talk about the previous ones,Now make Wang Fan,Whose turn will be later?Our brothers can’t help but have a long eye。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Five Night visitor
Flower boss sighed,“Take one step and see one step,And the news is true or false,Let’s see the result tomorrow。”What is Hua’s second child to say?,There was a careful knock on the door outside。
Hua’s second child frowned,Look at each other with brother,Greet people outside the door to come in。
A red-faced man pushed the door in,He’s Hua’s second confidant,He saw the two bosses looking upset,Hung his head down and whispered,“brother,Someone outside is eager to see you。”
“this late,What birdman?Do you have fucking ears?I’m talking to my brother,No outsiders。roll!”The second flower, who thought there was something important, was extremely upset when he heard that,I got my temper right away。
The red-faced man’s head hangs lower,But didn’t leave the door immediately,It’s just that the voice of speaking becomes softer,“Yes……Pang Rong,Say things are important。”
“Pang Rong?You mean Pang Rong in the west of the city?”Hua’s second child is shocked,“Did he come by himself??”
“It’s him,Just brought a person。”
“My grass。”Hua’s second child turned to look at his elder brother,“Strange,Your guy came to me at night?”
Hua Shengqiang is naturally surprised,The brothers don’t have much to do with Pang Rong,There is no conflict of interest。If on friendship,When Sun Kuaizi was there, we were good brothers,Even worse than Pang Rong in terms of status,After all, he’s not Sun Guaizi’s direct brother,Just a general acquaintance。
Since Sun Guaizi、After Shen Mingfang collapsed,Everyone will have no contact。Hua Shengqiang suddenly realized that Wang Fan might really be dead,Otherwise at this delicate moment,Why would Pang Rong come in person in the middle of the night??There must be a problem。
“Since I am looking for you,Just meet you。”Although Hua Shengqiang usually has thicker lines,But rich experience,Very calm on key issues,He pondered for a moment,“Fanshi and Wang Fan、Yuxing-related matters,Only obedient,No statement。”
“How about we brothers go together?”