Xia Jian took out his phone,Opened and glanced at the time,I found it was already past one o’clock midnight。In the mountains at this time,Silent without any sound。Occasionally a gust of wind,I can hear it clearly in the house。

Xiaona on the bed may have been tied up for a little longer,She kept moving,Make a cry for help。But Xia Jian didn’t speak,She doesn’t dare Wu Ling。
Xia Jian thought and thought,She asked Wu Lingdao coldly:“From here,Is there only one way?How is the road?”
“There is no road here,My sister spent money to fix a road。Stone road,No problem moving。Want to go out,Can only go this way”Wu Ling said softly。
Xia Jian took a breath,Gritted his teeth and said:“Go now,I am leaving,You will be safe。remember,I hijacked you to take me out”Xia Jian said,Put on a coat。Put the broken plastic comb on Wu Ling’s waist。
May be too hard,Wu Ling couldn’t help but tremble and said:“You tap,I don’t know how to pity and cherish jade。A pretty girl like Cortana,Tossed like you”
Wu Ling’s no loss is mixed with society,Face this situation,She can still say these things to Xia Jian,She must be someone who has seen the world。
Xia Jianxin Yiheng,Walked out with Wu Ling。Xiaona on the bed desperately kicked off the bed twice,Xia Jian didn’t know what she meant。But this time,He still cares about her。
Through the dark living room,Slowly opened the door。So risky!It turns out that the door of the living room is also locked,Fortunately, he didn’t have the urge just now,Otherwise, even if he ran out,He can’t even go out of this living room。
The courtyard is very quiet,It’s even darker all around。Look up,Even the sky is dark。Thus,It has become difficult to identify the direction。Xia Jian doesn’t understand,Why does Luo Jun want to build such a beautiful house in such a place and Wu Qian?
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about these messy things,They have come to the gate。A big black area in the middle,Should be a big iron gate,And the side is a small door。Wu Ling is opening this small door。
The small door is not locked,Just reversed。Wu Ling gently pulled the latch away,When the small door opens a gap,The light in the porter was on at this time。
Xia Jian has a look,No time to delay,One step forward,Opened the iron gate and ran forward。Behind him is the sound of chasing footsteps,And shouting。
Xia Jian can’t take care of this anymore,He relied on his instinct,Flew down the gravel path。He only felt the trees on both sides falling down in rows behind him。
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