What should I pay attention to when applying the mask?

You should master these 6 tips


What should I pay attention to when applying the mask?

You should master these 6 tips

As the saying goes, there are no ugly women but only lazy women. The effectiveness of the mask is mainly divided into hydrating and whitening types. To choose a suitable mask based on the skin type, as long as you stick to the mask, you can achieve a whitening and tender state.

  What should I pay attention to when applying the mask?

  1. Thoroughly clean the face before applying the mask. Before applying the mask, thoroughly wash the face with warm water. At the same time, choose a mild and non-irritating facial cleanser to open the pores and remove the dust hidden in the skin.And oil, only when the skin is clean can absorb the nutrients in the mask.

  2. Do not apply the mask every day. There will be a lot of energy and nutrition inside the mask. If you apply the mask every day, it will increase the burden on the skin and cause excess nutrition.

The skin, like the organs, also needs rest. Over-care can reduce resistance to viruses and bacteria and cause skin diseases.

  3. Try to choose a thicker mask. The mask on the surface of the market is as varied as possible. Different masks have different paper qualities. Try to choose a thicker mask.

The thick facial mask loses nutrients slowly, and can evenly enter skin cells, expand pores, transfer the dirt inside, and absorb nutrients and moisture from the facial mask.

If you are using a jelly-like or mud-like mask, you should apply an extra layer to maintain its thickness to prevent water loss.

  4. The mask that cannot be blocked. When the mask is applied, the skin has fully absorbed the nutrients, and the mask can be controlled for about 15 minutes. If the time is too long, the skin will become increasingly dry.

There is a limit to the essence in the mask. If it is applied for too long, the mask will become dry, but it will absorb the moisture in the skin.

  5. Avoid the eyes when applying the mask. Avoid the skin around the eyes when applying the mask. Because the eye skin is very delicate, the nutrients and skin are different. If you want to take care of the eye skin, you should choose an eye mask.

  6. Keep as quiet as possible when applying the mask. When applying the mask, do not let the expression be too exaggerated. Try to keep quiet.

This is because excessive facial movements during the application of the mask will make the skin slack.

It is best to lie in bed with your eyes closed to calm your face and illness.

  Tips Although applying a mask is simple and easy, pay attention to related matters.

Instead of absorbing nutrients, the wrong way will cause damage to the skin.

All skin types should use a cleansing mask on a regular basis. This can deeply remove the garbage from the skin and keep the skin healthy.

For oily skin, you can’t choose a sleeping mask, otherwise it will lead to excess skin nutrition and induce acne.