“Just now!how about it,Yesterday, the deputy mayor Feng didn’t give you any trouble, right??”Xia Jian lowered his voice and asked。

Liu Zimin glanced around,I said after seeing no one else:“I found out that Deputy Chief Feng was not drunk at all,She seems to have pretended it on purpose”
“All right,Let’s talk about it in my office later”Words of Liu Zimin,Surprised Xia Jian。The wall has ears,Not to mention this occasion。
Xia Jiangang washes his face,An aunt in a white coat came in with a tray。Put a plate of buns on it,The other bowl seems to be porridge,Also a small plate of pickles。
“Oh!Chief Xia!I’m helping the cook in our rural cafeteria。Today is the first day to open the stove,Master Fu wants you to taste his craft,I give valuable advice”Auntie said,So he put the tray on Xia Jian’s desk。
Xia Jian was overjoyed,He said with a smile:“it is good!I will eat right away,I’ll send it to you,You can go back busy”
The aunt in the cafeteria smiled and left。Xia Jian quickly started eating,The taste is really good。He ate all seven or eight buns。
Xia Jiangang put the tray in his hand,Liu Zimin ran in,He smiled and said:“Not bad right!Everyone is happy this morning,All said you did a great deed for our village”
“Don’t you??Do people take food as their heaven?!”With sound,Du Xiaoli walked in with his hands behind his back。Liu Liamin took the tray from Xia Jian,Left quickly。
Xia Jian glanced at Du Xiaoli,Smiled slightly:“Secretary Du, please sit down。Donglin Township is a poor township,Poor condition,Secretary Du just be patient”
“not bad,Worry about eating,I didn’t expect you to solve it so quickly”Du Xiaoli laughed,Sat down in a chair。
Xia Jian said something polite,Just about to speak,Du Xiaoli suddenly changed the topic:“Chief Xia!I have something that I must explain to you,You have to cooperate with my work”
“Oh!You might as well tell me something,I listened and said yes”Xia Jian said very politely。
Du Xiaoli stood up,Coughed and said:“Chief Xia should know,No matter where it is*Politics。But in our Donglin Township,I found that it doesn’t seem to be the case,Everything is up to you, the mayor”
“Let’s not mention the past,But from today,I am the secretary of Donglin Township,Anything we do,Have to follow the procedure。Speak without humility,I am your monitor”Du Xiaoli said with a serious face。
Xia Jian never thought,This Du Xiaoli gave him a disarm on the first day of his formal work。And the direct,Without warning,This shows that they are prepared。
Xia Jian:“Ah”Said:“Secretary Du said how to do it,What we do。Anyway, what I listen to you is”Xia Jian is also serious。