The Next Stop is Happiness: Immature Women’s Daydreams About Love

“The Next Stop is Happiness”: Immature Women’s Daydreams About Love
Because of the new crown pneumonia, most people stayed at home during the Spring Festival.As a result, the TV series “The Next Stop is Happiness” made a rare breakthrough from many heavy topics and went on a hot search.The female host He Fanxing (Song Qian) is ten years older than the male host Yuan Song (Song Weilong), which is a typical female big boy replacement.The 2018 Korean drama “Beautiful Sister Who Always Eats”, and the Japanese drama “Pet Lover” (2017) are all of this type.If we go back in time, the Korean drama “My Name is Jin Sanshun” (2005), and “Long Vacation” (1996) starring Kimura Takuya (1996).Most of these scripts have responded well, and the frequency of this genre in domestic dramas is far less than that of Japanese and Korean dramas, especially when the female lead is ten years older than the male lead.So this drama shows the emotions of contemporary people, what changes have happened to marriage?Not optimistic.”The next stop is happiness” stills, the picture shows the protagonist.The society is progressing, and the female and male students also make the audience feel that the sweet TV series opens soon. The 30-year-old female subordinate read the information of the newly hired employee handed by her boss He love.This is the traditional habit of marriage and love in Chinese society through the mouth of female subordinates: age requires males and females.If a woman and a woman are older than a man by three years, even Faye Wong, who is known for her shocking customs, will receive some unpleasant comments.In the traditional society, the age of women is 30, “31 flowers for men and 30 tea leaves for women”. The 30 years old in the first two years of the song is also an unbearable age: “She is 30 years old,Women who have not been married so far.There were already a few ripples around her eyes in her smiling face. At thirty, her light and passion have been polished by the years . “(” Thirty Year Old Woman “).He Fanxing is 32 years old, unmarried, and has not even had a relationship. He has an emotional entanglement with Yuan Song, a 22-year-old college student who has not graduated.The age arrangement of the male and female protagonists will also be considered unreasonable.But now the audience read “Sweet” and like the two people “sprinkle sugar”.Social progress, open-mindedness, and age are not as tight as before.With the economic growth of women, there are clear regulations and requirements for marriage and love.Before the 1980s, a large percentage of unmarried women over the age of 30 were physically imperfect or otherwise unsuitable for marriage. By 2020, although many people like to use the discriminatory term “leftover women”The majority of older unmarried women in the city are dominated by the “three highs”: high education, high income, and high face value-it is the image interpreted by He Fanxing: the female director of the decoration company, 32 years old, beautiful and moving.He Fanxing wanted to have a good relationship and was not in a hurry to get married.Women ‘s economic independence has brought about a more active “right to speak” in marriage and love. They are no longer the object of materialization in the relationship between the sexes, their age is no longer materialized as a transaction, and they bargain with men when talking about buying and selling marriages.High income has driven the female economy and greatly prolonged the period of youth preservation. Thirty years old is no longer a miserable rotten tea residue.The pairing of He Fanxing and Yuan Song is not inconsistent from the outside, so the audience can knock down the pair of CPs.Still of “The Next Stop is Happiness”.The protagonist has no mature personality and does not match the identity of the characters in the play. He Fanxing is a senior company executive. Normally we would imagine her living alone in a beautiful apartment with a sense of design.In the second episode, He Fanxing woke up after a hangover and actually lived with his parents.After a while, the door opened, and her twin brother, He Canyang, came in. The 32-year-old brother and sister lived with their parents if economic conditions allowed them to live alone.Looking down further, I was more nervous. My sisters and brothers ordered breakfast from their parents like a high school student. The eggs were scorched and spoiled, and my father hurriedly said they would cook another one.Living with parents is a very unfavorable condition for adults looking for a partner.Since your parents want to take care of your breakfast, there is no reason to fall in love at night. It is inconvenient to take the other party or go to the other party’s house. It is also inconvenient to live with each other.Episode 8: He Fanxing’s “fighting” at the summoning of He Ma can be seen throughout the familynecessity.The love process is no longer a person’s choice. From the beginning, it is necessary to bear the responsibility of explaining to the parents, and they also need to recognize. How can He Fanxing get the simple love she wants?If economic conditions permit, it is compelled to live with parents, so at least all aspects of life must be kept on their own, and they cannot be taken care of by their parents like minors. Is n’t that a huge infantry that everyone has fought in recent years?The heroine lives with her parents.I have to say that the sister and brother He’s living in their parents’ house and waiting for their parents to take care of their food and living are in line with the consequences of the immaturity of the whole script.When the client wanted to cancel the contract, He Fanxing won the contract without crying.When the baby cries, the mother will feed it, change the diaper, the world automatically meets the baby’s requirements, and the baby-style problem-solving way of thinking.Yuan Song was called a design genius, and the screenwriter continued his adolescent thinking, thinking that the genius would not follow all the rules, making him often late and absent from work.No, a successful genius will not waste time on small things, energy to break the rules, often unable to work on time is an anti-social personality trait that can not comply with social rules.Successful genius breakthrough stereotypes are mainly reflected in the breakthrough of inertial thinking and other aspects. Some customers can come up with solutions that not only satisfy customers but also meet the company’s shooting requirements when they do not remove the happy word according to the contract requirements.In the play, Yuan Song’s practice of tearing off customer happy word couplets is naive. It will inevitably lead to intensification of contradictions and will not complete the task of retaking photos in a short time.The immaturity of Ye Luming, another suitor of He Fanxing, is emotional.The pet dog is gone, he brings his emotions to the unit, subordinates, customers have to look at his complexion.At the same time, when He Fanxing cried, he was so scared that he quickly changed the contract that had been decided long ago.His ability to manage emotions is not much like that of a successful magazine leader. It seems that after 50 and 60, moody parents want their children to take care of their emotions-maybe the character set inspiration for the screenwriter comes from this?Just another version of the story of Mary Su and the overbearing president is different from the normal company executives’ mature and capable image. He Fanxing in love is a silly white sweet who has never been in love.Now that the TV series has aired, all her thoughts about love stay in adolescence. She wants to talk about simple, beautiful love, and does not show deep thinking about love. What is love?What is beautiful love?How to meet love?How to maintain good intimacy after meeting?The heroine and the second man.No, she didn’t know what she wanted, nor did she work hard to cultivate and create opportunities, just waiting for something to fall in the sky.Her performance in love is passive throughout the process, usually the clear, bold and confident white-collar elite in American dramas, typical of Jackie Sharp in The House of Cards.Yuan Songxian fell in love with her, Yuan Song first attacked, Yuan Song knew she was what he wanted.He Fanxing is confused, feeling that he likes Yuan Song but dare not determine the love relationship with him. When he has Yuan Song in his heart, he goes on a blind date. After hearing Ye Luming’s words, he plans to have a secret love first . and then look at the image of Yuan Song.This paragraph is regarded as a classic line: “I confessed to you, you have not formally answered me, I only accept affirmative answers, not rejection.”So familiar?Is n’t this the domineering president ‘s usual tone for Mary Su?In connection with other behaviors, sometimes he used an excuse to find a dog and was allowed to enter He Fanxing’s bedroom; such as “Bang Dong” He Fanxing; sometimes he knew that He Fanxing had participated in a blind date, and Ye Luming dealt with her in a rash manner after pursuing her, and so on.After tearing off the little baby dog’s wrapping paper, the image of a young-toothed version of the overbearing president was revealed.In the intimate relationship, the size of the outer shell of the female big boy or the small boy and the big girl depends on the essence of the relationship.This drama is still a daydream about love for immature women with a view of love and marriage. It gathers some ideal female images of women’s fantasy and the appearance of love: young, simple, high value, males in love keep warmly attacked and controlledIn the direction of love, women sit and enjoy their success.The reality is cruel, a person does not know what he wants, how to maintain, develop a good intimate relationship, it is too early to say happiness.□ Cuihong (column writer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading He Yan