[Can pumpkin vine cure gallstones?


[Can pumpkin vine cure gallstones?

There are often people with gallstone disease. This disease has obvious character classifications. At first, those who rarely exercise are more likely to develop gallstones. Second, people who are more obese are more likely to develop gallstones.In addition, people with liver cirrhosis are prone to gallstones, especially those who do not eat breakfast are more at risk of holding gallstones. Today, I recommend the method of pumpkin vine to treat gallstones.

Can pumpkin vine cure gallstones?
1. Pumpkin vine can cure gallstones. When pumpkin vine can treat gallstones, it slowly decomposes the stones in the human body and transfers them out of the body. During normal treatment, 150 grams of pumpkin vines can be washed and shredded, then putAdd to boiling water and soak in boiling water, and resume replacement after one day. Drink one pot to two pots a day and keep repositioning, the symptoms of gallstones can be obviously eliminated.

2. Dandelion can cure gallstones. This plant can also treat gallstones in humans. For normal treatment, you can take forty grams of fresh dandelion, wash it and chop it, then add it to the pot and add water.Take out the medicinal solution, add 50 grams of rice and cook together to make porridge. After cooking, add rock sugar to taste, mix well and take food. If you use it for five to ten days, you can see the obvious treatment effect.

3. Walnut kernels can cure gallstones. Walnut kernels can also treat gallstones in humans. In normal treatment, you can take 120 grams of walnut kernels and 60 grams of sesame oil. Put them together in a frying pan, then add rock sugar and stir well.After being fried, it can be taken back in three times a day, and the symptoms of gallstones can be eliminated quickly.

Can pumpkin vines really cure stones?

There is an ancestral secret on the Internet about pumpkin vinegar soaking water to cure stones: hanging pumpkin vines, once 100-150 grams (dry), washed and chopped, put into a thermos bottle, and soak with boiling water.

Soak 1 thermos bottle a day, add water as you like, usually drink as water, try to drink more, you can drink 2 water bottles a day, drink until the fourth, the fifth day begins to row stones, the sixth day urinate accompanied by viscous urineThis proves that the calculus has been exhausted and is determined after a doctor’s inspection.

This statement is a bit exaggerated, but experts point out that eating pumpkin vines does have a certain effect on the treatment of small stones, and the role of qi and medium has an adjuvant treatment effect on urinary stones.

For patients with small stones, pumpkin vine itself is a non-toxic green ingredient.

However, in general, patients must first confirm the location of the stone and the size of the stone, and treat it with the doctor’s recommended implantation amount.

For dialysis more than one centimeter, stones with hydronephrosis, and patients with recurrence of pain, it is best to use surgical removal and ultrasonic lithotripsy.

Can collect pumpkin vines after autumn, wash and dry, cut into small strips, and then collect and store. When needed, you can directly take out the amount of 100 to 310 grams, refill after soaking, and drink once or twice a day as tea.

Do not eat spicy or greasy food while taking the drug, and do not smoke or drink.

Pumpkin vines are slightly cold, physically weak, and those with chronic illnesses are cautious.