Woman is overcast, what should I do?

Woman is overcast, what should I do?

Yin Yin is a Chinese medical term. It is a common disease among women.

The disease is not hyposexuality or lack of sexual desire, or sexual desire, but when sexual impulses or contact with men, a large amount of vaginal secretions are discharged, similar to male impotence, premature ejaculation and “seeming nocturnal emission”, which occurs during sexual intercourse.Symptoms of vaginal discharge and sexual desire also transfer a large amount of excretion of vaginal secretions and disappear quickly.

Therefore, when you have sex, you will feel uncomfortable or your body will be trembling. In severe cases, you will faint and lose consciousness, and you will not even be able to get up within a few days.

Some vaginal dysentery does not show excreta. Although there are sexual requirements but asexual impulses, it is dry due to lack of secretions in the vagina, so that there is no pleasure or even pain during sexual intercourse, which will cause sexual apathy over time.

Some couples have harmonious feelings. The woman barely made love in order to meet the man’s sexual requirements, but the vaginal pain was unbearable.

These situations are all Yin Yin.

  According to the treatment of yin and yang, traditional Chinese medicine can be used. Those who belong to kidney yin deficiency can be added and subtracted from Zuogui Pill, those who belong to kidney yang deficiency can be added and subtracted to Yougui pill., Belong to the heart and kidney incompatibility should be spleen and kidney.