Elderly subsidies for 4 people in difficulty

Elderly subsidies for 4 people in difficulty

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs reported that the elderly over 80 years old in the country enjoyed the status of senior citizens (supplement). What is the concept of “old age allowance”?

The reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Bureau yesterday that Shanghai has formulated a policy of supplementing the elderly with difficulties based on actual conditions, mainly targeting four kinds of people in difficulty and special groups.

  According to Yuan Junliang, the person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau’s Office of Ageing, the four types of people in difficulty and special populations include the elderly farmers who have reached the age of 60 before December 31, 2007 (excluding urban insurance, town protection and land acquisition).Pensioners), 60-65 years old, 80 yuan / month per person; 65 yuan / month per person over 65 years old.

After living in the city for 30 years and the city’s urban household registration has been 15 years old, the elderly residents who are not enjoying basic old-age care, medical care and land requisition nursing homes, 400 yuan/month for 65-70 years old and 500 yuan/month for people over 70 years old.

The monthly pension of a solitary or purely old family is lower than that of the city’s urban and rural areas. The average monthly pension of the enterprise is 80 years old or older in the municipality of the city. Among them, the elderly with mild disability is 150 yuan/month;200 yuan / month for people; 250 yuan / month for each person with severe disability.

The city’s household registration is over 300 yuan per month for the elderly over 100 years old.

  ”In the four cases, only the 100-year-old registered elderly are supplemented by the GSP, and the first three are targeted at rural or urban hard-stricken people with specific conditions.

Yuan Junliang said that the second supplement began in 2006, and the other three began in 2008. The subsidy standard will not be adjusted in the near future.