17 key projects in Zhiping County, Hebei Province

It is reported that the project-wide project has the food industry project of Zhongli, Huang and other key layouts, and there is also a long-term development of the earth. The high-end chemical industry project of the industrial chain is long-term development.It reflects the powerful momentum of the diversified development of the Pingping industry.Social and infrastructure projects such as the sixth elementary school, human residential environment rectification, G112-line reconstruction projects, involving multiple people’s livelihoods such as education, transportation, gas and hydropower, will improve the quality of ecological environment, improve infrastructure construction, etc.Solving the problems of the masses and urgent problems play an important leading and support.It is understood that the project in this concentrated work is to implement the revitalization of rural resolution, enhance environmental quality, supplement the county economy to develop short boards, speed up the transformation and upgrading of industries, and ensure that people’s livelihood is significant and far-reaching significance.(Reporter Huang Yuxia correspondent Li Hui, Liang Zhiqing) (Editor: Fang Tong, I wish the dragon super).