“Of course it is true!”

Chen Xiu took the opportunity to get closer,Tear the gauze outside of my wound。
“Buddies,look,I lied to you, do I have to give myself a belly?!”
Jiang Cheng took a look,Seeing the stitches on Chen Xiu’s wound, it was still bleeding。
“Buddies,So you believe it……We are all connected,Hold on to the stinky lady and don’t let go,Before the police officer came, let me beat her out!”
Chen Xiu slapped Miao Ting’s face with a slap,Immediately left five fingerprints。
Jiang Cheng indeed shouted with excitement:“Play well,Doctors are bad guys,Damn it all!”
“Correct……Correct,Doctors are bad guys,Buddies,Lend me your knife,I will give her too!”
“it is good!”
Jiang Cheng gave a knife to Chen Xiu,Looking at the sharp blade, Chen Xiu swallowed nervously,Slowly stretched out his hand to go to the fruit knife。
The blade moves forward,Chen Xiu is nervous。
Five centimeters。
Three centimeters。
One centimeter。
Chen Xiu suddenly speeded up,Grabbed Jiang Cheng’s wrist and snapped it out,He is doing his best,The mysterious power flow in the body,Made his strength explode several times。
“Click”The sound of,Directly broke Jiang Cheng’s wrist,The fruit knife fell to the ground。
Jiang Cheng’s right hand hurts,The left hand holding Miao Ting’s neck is also loose,Chen Xiu took the opportunity to kick it out,Jiang Cheng flew more than five meters upside down!
The security guard who confronted Jiang Cheng before also rushed forward and pressed Jiang Cheng to the ground.。
At this time, the male doctor who had been hiding behind the counter saw that Jiang Cheng was subdued. Finally he plucked up the courage and went all the way to help hold Jiang Cheng down.。