[Can you eat leek with double eyelids]_ 丰 本 _Can you eat

[Can you eat leek with double eyelids]_ 丰 本 _Can you eat

At present, many girls with single eyelids will choose some cosmetic surgery methods in order to become double eyelids. Although there are a lot of surgical techniques now, after the double eyelid surgery, the eyelids will be red and swollen, and the eyelids will disappear.In the process, you also need to take some care. Pay attention to rest and pay attention to regulating your diet. Can you eat leeks after making eyelids?

Can you eat chives after you cut your eyelids? After you cut your eyelids, you can eat them, because leeks are an excellent source of iron, potassium, and vitamin A, and they are also a general source of vitamin C.

Eating leeks after cutting the double eyelids can supplement the nutrition lost in the double eyelid surgery, and can integrate the role of assisting the rapid recovery after double eyelids are cut.

After cutting the eyelids, it is best to cut the leek. If the beauty seekers do not want to eat, then it is best to eat some leek.

Because leeks are rich in special ingredients of volatile essential oils and sulfides, the special aroma emitted can enhance appetite and enhance digestion.

The leek can almost treat the loss of appetite, and it can also refresh the mind and soothe the mood.

Leek contains some active ingredients that assist in surgical recovery. A bunch of chives mainly contain several nutrients that can promote surgical recovery. Among them, β-carotene is just the energy required for one day, and vitamin C is the daily intake required.One third is also rich in vitamin E.

Leek is dark green, fiber-doped, and full of fragrance.

The taste is strong, no matter how to make amaranth or vegetarian dishes, it is very flavorful.

Do not eat any food after cutting the double eyelids. Excessive spicy food. Do not eat before removing the double eyelids. After the surgery, do not eat spicy foods and excess foods, such as hot pot with hot bottom (usually contains pepper, pepper seasoning, pepper oil)You must not touch your mouth.

Because spicy food usually produces a hot reaction after we eat, if the hot reaction causes sweating, it will increase the probability of full-cut double eyelid wound infection.

In addition, too much food cannot be eaten at random after the operation, because it will also cause sweating and contaminate the wound.

Generally, you should not eat too much food and spicy food on the third day after the full-cut double eyelid is removed.

Crustacean seafood cannot be eaten as crustacean seafood for three months, and it is best for the seekers to avoid it for three months if it is caused by full-cut double eyelid.

Because these crustacean shrimp and crab foods contain histamine and other ingredients, they can easily cause body allergies.

Allergies may cause edema at the surgical site, resulting in extended resection of double eyelid surgery for extended healing.

The fracture of a full-cut double eyelid takes at least 3 months to stabilize, so for crustacean seafood, we need to avoid 3 months.

Fortunately, you don’t usually eat seafood every day. You just need to pay more attention at the party and avoid crustacean seafood.

It is forbidden to smoke before the suture removal. Full-cut double eyelid surgery is not allowed to smoke without suture removal, because the carbon monoxide when the cigarette burns will combine with hemoglobin to form oxyhemoglobin, which reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells. Smoking will reduce the oxygen supply of wound tissueThe skin affects the healing of the wound.

In addition, smoking is about to destroy the new collagen, resulting in decreased wound tension and more difficult recovery.