Beijing 2035 Rail Transportation Total 2673 km

Original title: 2035 Rail Transportation Total 2673 kilometers This reporter Chen Xueli yesterday, the city’s self-committed website launched "Beijing Rail Transit Network Plan (2020-12035)", listen to public comments, publicity period of 30 days.

According to the draft plan, the city will focus on the construction of "four centers" function, promote urban high-quality development and adherence to the three aspects of the people, and the total scale of the planned line network is about 2673 kilometers.

  The long-distance function of Beijing Railway Station Beijing North Station revolves around the "four centers" function construction, proposal, service political center, to improve service level, purify ground transportation; new subway fast line corridor, improve office government staff travel efficiency Execovation of Beijing Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station long-distance transportation function; promote urban update around the track site to improve environmental quality.

  Service Cultural Center, focus on the two-axis region, and enhance the important node service of the cultural center; strengthen the services of the Olympic and other cultural rivals and Haojiao. Service International Communication Center, optimization to improve the directness of international communication functional districts and airports and railway hubs; strengthen international exchanges carrying their internal and external rail transit services. Service Technology Innovation Center, use the hub to improve regional radiation power, realize the direct access to the airport rail transit; improve the occupancy of the three types of people in technology innovation, improve commissioning efficiency; three city and one district to build public transport hallway, Strengthen the transfer of the backbone orbit line connection. Planning regional fast line exceeds 1000 kilometers according to the overall plan, the city’s rail transit network is composed of regional fast lines and urban rail traffic, with a total scale of the planning line network to approximately 2673 kilometers.

The regional fast line includes the city railway line and the new regional express line, and there is approximately 1095 kilometers. Urban rail transit includes subway Pipe, subway fast line, medium and low volume, airport line, etc., mileage is approximately 1578 kilometers. Among them, the regional express (S) is a railway transportation method for providing fast service between the main nodes of Beijing.

Plan 15 Express Network 15 (paragraph), online network mileage approximately 1095 kilometers.

Plan 38 urban rail transit networks, online network mileage is approximately 1578 kilometers.

  Subway Express (R-Line) is the leading railway transportation method of the central city and subordinates, multi-point, and the main channels of the new city and the central city, which is mainly serviced by service, and provides large station express service. A total of 6 lines are about 403 km.

Subway Pipe (M) emphasizes that the city’s main functional district is covered, meets a variety of travel demand, and a total of approximately 985 kilometers. 2 mileage of the airport lines 75 km, mainly serving airport passenger flow, and there are about 115 kilometers of medium and low volume, will serve as a subway PP line auxiliary service line. Improve travel efficiency to reduce the draft carbon emissions plan, according to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Beijing urban space structure, line network in accordance with the idea of ??"central city plus density, peripheral speed, cross-boundary,", "inner corridor, The layout of the first, cross-boundary linkage, the hub anchoring.

  Among them, the central city is mainly through the structure, the advantage, the speed, the speed change, and enhances the overall network service level.

The urban center is constructed to the outer corridor, with the surrounding area of ??rail transit radiation and support the co-development of the eastern New City and North Third County, and the "ring + radiation" network is formed inside to meet the multi-level needs.

In addition, the rapid commuting link will be formed by building a central city and sub-center of the central city and sub-center. According to the planning goal, the city will increase the proportion of rail travel, planning the city’s green travel than more than 80%, and the rail transit of the central city and urban center is more than 27%, and the radiological corridor track traffic travel ratio is over 40%.

At the same time, improve the efficiency of orbital travel, 45 minutes in the central city, within the subtyde, main deputy and multi-point to the central city for 30 minutes; one district and cross-border groups can be reached within one hour of the main pair.

Optimize travel structure through rail transit, which has caused per capita carbon emissions from Beijing traffic to 20% to 30%. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.