“what happened?”Li Ming thinks there is something in the words of the second elder。

“Such,three years ago,An elder with a foreign surname in the Saito clan suddenly killed a real man in Vientiane and escaped,Later when Saito’s investigation,But accidentally discovered what this tribe left at home and‘Yanyu Sword Museum’related,At that time, the Cangxian of the Saito clan came forward directly to Yanyu Sword Museum to question。”
“As a result, the group of lunatic swordsmen in Yanyu Sword Museum took a look,The related item belonged to a genius who was killed by the blood killer in the Yanyu Sword Hall.。。And Saito’s foreign elder is very likely to be the killer of the bloody building!”
“These two strengths are on the bar,The owner of Yanyu Sword Museum makes a move,Controlling the fairy sword directly blocked Saito’s door,The badly wounded immortal,Then the old ancestor Saito, who hadn’t appeared for many years, also shot,Almost suppressed the owner of Yanyu Sword Museum。”
“unfortunately,None of Saito’s fairy is dead,Contemporary Fen Tianhou came forward to mediate。”
Talking,And looked at Li Ming with admiration。
Li Ming is thoughtful,Every generation of Burning Tianhou is at least a top Sanxian,Good strength,The key is that behind it is the first generation of Burning Heaven,The fairy in the flame,Lofty status。
Although the second elder didn’t say clearly,But I still look at Li Ming with admiration。
He also knows,That Yuan Yeyi died of Li Ming,Of course, this situation is also known to a few Yuanshen Taoists and immortals.,This news is impossible to leak。
“Today please enshrine,The first thing is to say that this matter must not be leaked,That’s it for Saito’s side,Leakage may also lead to hostility from the group of lunatic swordsmen in Yanyu Sword Museum。。。Although the Saito Family Sword Museum has nothing to do with you,But a sword lunatic is not a sword lunatic if he is reasonable。”The second elder said with a smile。
“First thing,What about the second thing?”Li Ming asked,He feels that the second thing the second elder said may be more important。
“Second thing,The patriarch wanted to meet and worship!”
Li Ming is also a little curious about this patriarch Bai。
White’s Four Sanxian,Among them, the great elder has dealt with another consecrated Li Ming.,There is also a genius who can be called a fairy seed,Confidentiality,Li Ming naturally doesn’t know。
The patriarch of the Bai family,Actually the strongest,Although Li Ming knows there is such a person,But never seen。
“See you then!”