A big early morning,Positive guards,I saw a boat.,No big paddle,But in the water, slide, fast!

Think of your own commander’s recent command,I will notify the wind.,On the river“Irregularity”,I don’t even dare to do it like normal.——Ships that will go to Murong Mountain,All come over,Don’t want to visit Xuanzhuang“Wicker”Discharge。
But don’t use notice,Chu Deirers are straight to the hook,The small island where Xuan Shuangzhuang is located,It’s scared to the people.。
After the wind wave is notified,Some nervous in your heart,Enjoy the village……
Good in Zhuang Ding,I recognized Wang Yin and Zhang Jing,See two ladies,This is relieved in this heart.。
After all, the two Miss Miss is not outstanding.,the most important is,Lady with a mother and daughter of a child,Half a year ago。
The wind is evil just rushed to the door.,I heard that the two Miss is coming.,Face is still tangled——This is tangled for your own son,But still immediately,Then……I saw the people who never want to see.,Can row the first five Chu Deirers!
Chapter 332 Murong Mountain Villa
“Fengzhuang owner has been long for a long time.。”Chu Dee people greeted。
“I don’t know if I am too old.,The wind is a loss of far.。”The wind wave is nicknamed today, it is not a chu’s opponent.,And the status of Chu Deiren’s rivers and lakes,Also different from days,Is it not directly in the mouth?。
“My old style should not be worth seeing to see,You are coming to visit my bonus?”Storm。
Although one is one“Chu Tai”Call,But apart from this,For the wind, the wind is evil,even if“Surprisingly polite”。
“kindness,I am coming to find her brother.,I am just seeing Zhang Jingma.,They provoke some small troubles,I also brought it together.。”Chu Deirers said lightly。
The wind is evil, some are not cool.“Comntisible to find her brother”,Why do you call the lady of the table??
So the yin and yang strange:“Bother?I don’t know what small trouble,Chu is not directly handled.?”
“nothing,The nephew of the West Poison Ouyang Feng,Recently in Jiangnan,I miss my uncle on the island of Taohua.,Three hundred rounds,Also count some kind,Not good to kill him。”
Wind wave:……
For this straight ball“Show”,There is no way in the wind.。
“Hehehe……I heard Chuxi Yue Zhouqua in Taihu,Directly like Huangquan,Ouyangka and other little ghosts,I don’t know how to avoid it.,Really don’t grow your eyes!”The wind is evil, there is no one to see it.,Just listen to the guests,I only thought that the Chu Deeman is inner strength.,Then the special time is fast to the Zhuangzi,Come to Madi。
This internal force knows this internal force in the bad heart,Definitely win from yourself,When the Chu deer is inner power and the difference between himself,Hands in your hands can be high as yourself,Now inner strength,Be afraid……
But although I know,But still“Uncomfort”。
“nothing,See the iron palm drift,Can be boating without paddle,So I also try……Sure enough, there is a lot,From Manda Villa to here,Used for two days。”Chu Deirers are light。
Wind wave:……
Wind wave has given up and Chu Deirers exchange,No matter what he said,Chu Deirers can put topics,Turn around“I am awkward”superior……
In the case of surface without rude,The wind wave can’t win on your mouth.!
Wind wave evil, think about the bag,I also brought a few people to the Murong Mountain.,At the same time, I also sent people to other sects in other sects to notify Deng Bailuan.、Murder、Package,Especially the way to be a light boat in Murong Mountain!
Although the wind is evil, I don’t want to get more contact with Chu Deirers.,But now Murong Refighters in a critical period,Otherwise, the four major families will be standing in their respective Zhuangzi.。
Murong Fu This time, this time, does not care about the crime of washing.,Back to Murong Mountain, half a year,In order to give the old lady,But actually as a Mu Rong’s heart,Four people know,In fact, it is a singer of the master.,At a critical moment!
This strange work is not the family of Murong Shi.,But Murong, I discovered one of them.,After practicing,Wei Liqi,but……The more you practice to the depths,The more dangerous!
It is a guess before the Chu Deirers.,《Double arrogance》China Murong Jiu’s Qigong——《Fossil》。
Legend has it,Claim“Fossil,Nine turn,Skin fossil,Everything does not hurt,Nine transformation,Invincible world”。
The original Murong Nine wild heart is very large,Martial arts in the elderly generation,Rare enemy,But still in the house,I hope to be able to use it《Fossil》Invincible。