“Boss,Boss!Oh no,A Tianlong man led someone into our chamber of commerce!”

One word stirred up waves,Several people in the conference room suddenly looked serious。
“Trangote,Didn’t you say that there are only three Tianlong people left each time??”
Leo looks at Trangot。
He has explained,Leaving only the last three dragons。
Crowded,I don’t know how long I can keep this kind of thing,But one more day is one day,After all, his strength can still improve,When his strength reaches the general level one day,Even if the top of the Dragon people knew that Leo defrauded the super-large life essence, he could only pinch his nose to recognize it.。
Now,It’s better to be safe。
For this reason, he also deliberately told those Tianlong people to keep silent,To avoid everyone coming to him to buy monsters。
Those silly Tianlong people are unique for themselves,So they all agreed well。
They pretend to be forced to forget it,But it can be kept secret for at least a few days。
“Three Celestials have already arrived just now,Why is there a fourth?”
Trang is also at a loss,He did only privately remind three Celestials according to Leo’s request。
“Could it be that the mouths of the three dragons are so unreliable?It only took half an hour to leak everything out?”Sern guessed。
“Not so much!”West Korn thinks this is ridiculous,I promised to keep it secret half an hour ago,Forgot so soon?
Less reliable than him。
“not sure,What are in the minds of those Tianlong people,No one can guess!No matter what, let’s go out and have a look!”
Tianlong people will not wait outside the door obediently,Just rushed in,I’m in the reception hall at this moment。