Xia Jian really regretted his death,He should have called Lao Xiao at this time,But because of this,Dizzy。

Just when Xia Jianzheng felt regret,Xiao Xiao in the video wiped away his tears,He lowered his voice and said:“Xia Jian!You want to save me”
Xia Jian felt a little flustered,This old Xiao was seriously ill,How did Xiao Xiao save her。Did he understand it wrong。So Xia Jian took a breath and said:“You speak!As long as I can help Mr. Xiao,I’m happy to do anything”
“Xia Jian!Venture Group is gone,My dad still might not know this。If he knows,definitely will…”Xiao Xiao said that,Wow again,Covering her mouth and crying。
Xia Jian was scared,Old Xiao got seriously ill,This has surprised him enough,I didn’t expect Xiao Xiao to say such a scary thing again。Why is the venture group gone??
“what happened,Don’t scare me”Xia Jian facing the computer,Asked a little frightened。
Xiao Xiao sighed and said:“Don’t ask,No, no。If you still have a conscience,I want my dad to walk at ease in the last three months,Please resign immediately and come to Bucheon”Xiao Xiao finished,I turned off the video。
Xia Jian sat on the bed foolishly,A bit at a loss。But one thing he can be sure,Xiao Xiao never lied to him,This must be true。
How to do it?To leave at this time is undoubtedly a deserter,Will let the people of Donglin Township scold him。Xia Jian put on a dress,Walked out of his room。
The entire compound is dark,He suddenly felt an unprecedented loneliness。Parents are away,Even Zhao Hong who has been with him is gone。Now encounter such a big thing,No one to ask。
Xia Jian looked up at the stars in the sky,Very confused。Old Xiao is kind to him,Xiao Xiao has feelings for him。If he doesn’t go back to help them at this time,Is Xia Jian still human??
He can’t do it。anyway,Donglin Township left him,Will still develop。But he doesn’t go to Lao Xiao,Other people can’t replace this feeling between them。
some things,Think slowly,After empathy,Will figure it out。Xia Jian’s final decision is,Quit the job here,Immediately go to Bucheon。He will accompany Lao Xiao through the last three months of his life,He will also help Xiao Xiao revive the entrepreneurial group。
Once the idea is determined,Xia Jian hurriedly returned to the room,Found paper and pen。He first wrote a detailed job transfer,More than twenty pages,Then he gave another resignation report。
When these two things are finished,It’s almost bright。Xia Jian went to the bathroom,I washed my face with cold water,Sober yourself up,Then cleaned up the room。Only then took my own things and walked out of the house。He was thinking when he locked the door,I don’t know when I will come back。
Xia Jian drove his big jeep on the provincial road leading to Donglin Township,All the way,Hardly hit a car,He was very unhappy in his heart。He all feels dead,But he thought,This road will become lively soon。
When I returned to Donglin Township,Some talents just got up。Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Quickly moved the things in his bedroom to the car。Of course he only brought his own clothes,He won’t want other things。
When Xia Jian came out from Donglin Township Government,Only the guard greeted him with a smile。He hardly met any other people。
Drive to the streets of Donglin Township,Xia Jian jumped out of the car,Looked back at this familiar street。Maybe he will never come here again in his life,Maybe coming,He is just a passerby。