Poison crystal powder enters the city hot pot to avoid four poisonous areas

Poison crystal powder enters the city hot pot to avoid four poisonous areas

If you eat hot pot in the winter, the crystal powder will almost be ordered, but are your fans safe?

Recently, the Liaoning Benxi police seized a black processing point, and more than 20 tons of “toxic crystal powder” produced by it were sold to 6 cities including Shenyang and Harbin.

This crystal powder contains industrial formaldehyde and gelatin. With carcinogenicity, long-term consumption will cause blood diseases and other major diseases.

In addition to table crystal powder, there are four misunderstandings of shabu-shabu that need to be avoided.

The hot pot avoids one of the four poisonous areas. When eating hot pot food, the fire on the bottom of the hot pot should be strong to keep the soup in the pot boiling.

If the food is eaten before it is cooked, the germs and parasite eggs are completely killed, which is likely to cause disease.

  Second, each time, raw and cooked food should be stored separately. Use two sets of chopsticks, utensils and tableware to handle raw and cooked food separately, avoid placing too much food on the table and prevent cross-contamination;After that, the soup in the pot should be boiled again before cooking.

  Third, shellfish should choose fresh products. When eating hot pot at home, clean the shell of the shellfish, soak it in water for at least half a day, and wait for it to filter out the dirt in the body before eating.

Dead shellfish contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and are inedible.

  Fourth, foods should not be hot when eating hot pot, because the oral cavity, esophagus and gastric mucosa can usually only tolerate temperatures of 50 ° C to 60 ° C. Foods that are too hot can damage the mucous membranes, causing acute esophagitis and acute gastritis.

When removing the hot ravioli from the pan, it is best to let it cool in a small dish.

Old Chinese medicine reminds that although shabu-shabu can keep you warm, try to choose home-made hotpot to ensure the source and food health.