“Hey-hey,Liu always laughed,I am just in order to preserve them.,Liu has nothing to do with you first.,We also have to choose a car。”

“Zhang Ge,I don’t know a lot of things.,I still want to talk with Liu Shu.?
How do you have to give people Liu Shu now??
It seems to be me today.?”
Li Hui said that the voice is gradually cold when this is said.。
He is really disappointed with a lot of Zhang.,I thought it was a wise choice to use it.,But now it is the worst choice.,At the same time, he also thinking that those people under Yang Tie will not be a lot of this.,After all, Yang Tie said Zhang Duo or the best.,Then those who are unique?
Li Hui is a little dare to think about it.。
Liu Sihai saw Li Hui Hui angry,He is even happy。
He wants this result。
Zhang Duo him is also despised,But if the other party rebells Li Hui,It is nothing more than him to talk about him.,But it is a general general for Li Hui Feng.。
He knows that Zhang Duo is the right arm of Li Hui Feng in the decoration company of the county.。
At first, he still didn’t know that Li Hui’s hand has been extended to the county.,But after a threatening,Zhang Duo is all about five or ten.。
“Hey-hey,Xiao Li,do not be angry,Zhang always said that it is not wrong.,I will pick a car first.,You are busy first。”
Say,Liu Sihai directly went to the car and went.。
But Li Hui is angry.。
Even the mood of the car is not。
“Zhang Ge,The five workers are all you expel.?
I want to know the reason.。”
“Forehead,This is a long history,However, the reason to expel their reason is not to manage management。”
Li Hui nodded,Work hard to keep your own heart flat:“Is their work money??”
This question is exported,Zhang Duo’s eyes flashed a panic,But it is very serious:“Definitely,I will still give it in this area.,After all, I have been working so long.。”
Li Hui has not spoken,Laughing nodded。
Soon Li Hui, I chose two cars.,Then I bought it directly.。
After everything is finished,Li Hui found,Two big men actually have no driver’s license,And Zhao Xiaoling is a driver’s license with Jiang Shuyan.。
In the end, two new cars opened back to the door of the two beautiful drivers.。
Li Hui Feng then followed Zhang a lot of law firms.,Then put the contract to solve it.。
After all,Zhang Duo also received the transfer of Li Hui Feng。
See the balance display,Zhang Duo, the whole person is excited。
He has even already wants to hop to Liu Sihai.,Then earn more to buy a house with this 100,000 yuan.。
“Zhang Ge,The current contract has also been solved.,Next, I want to ask you to help me.。”
whats the matter?”
Zhang Duo did not expect that Li Hui Hui still asked him to help。