“Sometimes people cry in pain in the middle of the night,If you can really cure my mother,I can promise you any request”

Lei Lei, who was standing by, suddenly rushed to say something。
At this moment,Li Wei, who had been forcing Zhang Teng to ask for money, came over,He stared at Xia Jian with two small eyes and said:“If you are a liar,I will kill you”
“Li Wei!Don’t talk to Mr. Xia like this”
Zhang Fenglan’s face changed,Very serious。
Li Wei laughed and said:“Aunt!You are too easy to be fooled。The money just scammed hasn’t gotten back,You’re going to be fooled again?”
“This gentleman,What else can you have besides money?Here in the mountains,No bank,Even if you want to refund your money,Should there be a process?”
Xia Jian looked at Li Wei with a little contempt。
Li Wei said with a cold smile:“You are a bunch of liars,See we have money,Stay in the team round。Tell you,I am here,Your trick will never succeed”
Xia Jian can’t bear it,Angrily asked Zhang Teng:“Did you get your refund??”
“Yesterday balance,Deposited the money in the villa in the bank,I asked to pick it up,Should be coming soon。I go out to see”
Zhang Teng finished,Then left quickly。
Xia Jian just pressed down the anger in his heart,He said to Zhang Fenglan a little unhappy:“Ms. Zhang!If you believe me,Just crawl on the bed and let me show you。of course,If you think I’m a liar,You can’t believe it”
“Mr. Xia is serious,I must believe you。My backache,Every time between ten and twenty minutes,But you just stretched out your hand,This symptom disappeared immediately。At least the pain time has been shortened by more than ten minutes,You say i don’t believe you,Am I a little stupid”
Zhang Fenglan said,And walked towards which bed in the house。
Xia Jian glanced at Li Wei,Suddenly said to Zhang Fenglan:“When i treat you,Don’t want anyone in the house,Especially for people like his eyes are full of money”