Zhejiang Satellite TV Director reverted the Gao Yixiang incident and permanently stopped broadcasting Catch Me

Zhejiang Satellite TV Director reverted the Gao Yixiang incident and permanently stopped broadcasting “Catch Me”
The Qianjiang Evening News reported on December 5 that on November 27, the artist Gao Yixiang passed away unexpectedly during the recording of Zhejiang TV’s “Follow Me”, which caused widespread concern and discussion in the society.On December 2, Gao Yixiang’s body was returned to Taipei.Today, the reporter learned that Zhejiang Satellite TV has decided to permanently stop broadcasting the program “Catch Me”.In this incident, the reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Lin Yong, director of Zhejiang Satellite TV.1. In the past few days, why have the Zhejiang Satellite TV no longer spoken about the incidents and controversies that have occurred in all sectors of society?Answer: On December 2, under the escort of family and brokerage team, Yi Xiang has returned to his hometown.Since the accident, we have been immersed in grief and self-blame.We are deeply sorry for Yi Xiang, sorry Gao Da Gao Gao Mom, sorry everyone who loves Yi Xiang.On the day of the incident, after obtaining the consent of the family and the brokerage team, we issued two statements announcing the news of Yi Xiang’s death, expressing sadness and guilt, and promising to take corresponding responsibilities.At that time, the biggest wish of Yi Xiang’s family was to let him go home as soon as possible.The army sent it to December 2nd, we and our family and brokerage team have been with him, and these two days are also actively and properly handling the matter.Considering the intention of the family and the brokerage team to deal with low-key treatment, we focused on coordinating and coordinating and handling the relevant issues some time ago.We failed to keep the best Yi Xiang, only hoping to protect him quietly through the last journey.When Yi Xiang returned to his hometown, and the mainland part of the matter was temporarily brought to a stage, we decided to disclose the relevant situation and permanently stop broadcasting the program “Catch Me”.2. Where is the progress of the rehabilitation work?Answer: On December 2, Yi Xiang returned to his hometown, recalling the antiques on December 15.Zhejiang Satellite TV has always maintained close contact with the brokerage team and will send someone to express condolences in the near future.Other aftercare plans are being pushed forward.3. There are multiple quotes on the Internet about the specific situation on the day of the incident. What is the real essence?A: At around 21:30 on November 26, Yi Xiang and all the guests began to record the ninth episode of “Follow Me”.Yi Xiang participated in two mini-games, and watched other guest recorded programs on the main stage for the rest of the time.At about 1:26 on November 27, Yi Xiang began the track switching recording.After running more than 600 meters and passing the installation on the track, he stepped on the pace, sat on the edge of the flower bed, and lay down in the back.This time is 1:30:52.After discovering the abnormalities, following the director and calling the ambulance on standby at the scene, the guests who were closer to the incident also ran from the main stage to Yixiang.One minute and 46 seconds after falling to the ground, the medical staff of the Ningbo Emergency Center on standby arrived and began to implement professional rescue.More than 20 minutes after the first aid, the ambulance will take Yi Xiang to the nearby top three hospital-Ningbo Medical Center Li Huili Hospital. After more than 2 hours of full rescue, the hospital declared the rescue invalid.4. How many professional medical staff are there on site?Why do some netizens see an ambulance coming at two in the morning?A: A professional medical security team is prepared every time the program is recorded.That night, the scene was equipped with 2 ambulances, 3 professional medical personnel and 2 ambulance drivers at the Ningbo Emergency Center.The ambulance is equipped with professional first aid equipment, including defibrillation equipment (used in rescue).First aid personnel are dressed in fluorescent overalls.As netizens broke the news that “the ambulance rushed to the scene at 2 a.m.”, they actually saw the third ambulance called by the staff after dialing 120, which was not used and returned empty.The above is the true situation on the night of the incident. We have sealed the relevant evidence for the supervision department to verify according to law.Yi Xiang is a kind-hearted artist who is loved by everyone. No matter how hard we tried, he couldn’t save his life. We once again express our deep regret and take corresponding responsibility.All the pain and shame, love and thoughts are reduced to one sentence: Yi Xiang, go all the way.Read more: The tragedy of Gao Yixiang, leaving a lot of thinking questions for variety show Xu Meilin, editor of sauna night net Source: Qian Jiang Evening News