Steel wire curved arm pressing down: let you have a strong arm

Steel wire curved arm pressing down: let you have a strong arm

When the triceps exercise is basically satisfactory, you need to perform muscle line drawing exercises.

Depressing the steel wire crank arm is a very effective exercise in portraying the muscle lines. While enhancing the endurance of the coaxial triceps, the muscle fibers will be clearly separated.

In order to achieve the purpose of portraying the triceps muscle line.

Here we will introduce how the steel wire crank arm is pushed down.


Action essentials: first adjust the weight, then hold your hands firmly to the top of the barbell, stand straight, hip joints slightly bent, aligned slightly, feet open naturally, the same width as the hip joints, and then perpendicular to the forearm and the groundThe lower arm is bent, and then inhales deeply, the triceps in the body is forced, and the lower arm is pressed down so that the upper arm and the forearm are simultaneously vertical to the ground and breathe at the same time. When the forearm is restored, the speed is slowed down and the body is feltThe triceps are still working hard, and then repeat the exercise.


Exercise frequency and time: The downward movement of the steel wire crank arm is put into the last exercise of the triceps, the main purpose is to exercise the endurance level of the triceps.

Practice 4 groups at a time, 12 times per group.


Note: The first thing to note is the speed of movement.

When the action is depressed, it should be 1 second, and a certain explosive force is required.

The time for motion reduction is 2-3 seconds, and the triceps control of the retina is fully felt.

The second point to pay attention to is the position of the big arm. When you first practice this movement, it is easy to cause the unstable vertical ground of the big arm, and it will swing up and down together through the forearm., So always remind yourself to keep your arms perpendicular to the ground.

The third thing to note is that the wrist must be locked. Do not perform flexion and extension of the wrist due to the up and down movement of the forearm. This will use the wrist to bear a lot of pressure and cause damage to the wrist.

  Before practicing the downward movement of the steel wire curved arm, it is best to do the supine arm flexion and sitting arm flexion and extension. After practicing the muscle’s explosive power and absolute strength, perform muscle endurance exercises, and the muscle mass will improve.