Changning This "Focused Art Museum", men and women like!

With the starting point of "Building Art Museum", the residents of the 25th floor discuss that they can show the specialty of children.

"Calligraphy, photography, manual, and children’s works, we also hope that everyone will turn the ‘value day’, put the corridor to have a sound." Zhu Jun said.The reporter learned that in order to further expand children’s friendly community space, Chengjiaqiao Street in Hongqiao Airport New Village has previously launched a community governance of children – "I am a small designer" children’s participation workshop.Cao Xinli, Party Secretary, New Village, Hongqia Airport, said, "The residents spontaneously organized, the design of the ‘Building Art Museum’ in the design, put forward a new idea to children’s friendly community space.

There are a total of 165 seats in our community. If you can make a feature, you will give this old community to newborn.(Source: Shanghai Changning) (Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.