Do China’s big market to have a small country movie?

◎ Li Qinyu On November 2nd, "The Different Submissions" is released.

Originally, its name is "a father’s way to find the way." It is released so far, whether it is a news site or a social media, this movie can not arouse what water flowers, which became a real "small transparent".

The quality of the movie is excellent, the score given by the platform and the evaluation given by netizens are sufficient to prove this.

Some people think that it may be that the theme and style of the movie limit its influence, but this is actually savoring.

The same is slightly sorry and serious, but the concerns of literary movies such as "three billboards" "Manchester" in the seas are never compared. Thus, we can’t turn your attention to the nationality of the movie – Serbia. For the majority of Chinese audiences, film memory for the country seems to stay in distant "bridge" "Walt defend Sarajevo".

What are the Selvia movies? Maybe few people know.

Think carefully, what is the Serbian movie? The "big" of the Chinese film market is unquestionable, but it seems that its main source will be monotonous.

Small country movie (Note: "Small Country" this article refers only to the field of movies), and can only be cold here? How is the introduction of the film allocated? As early as August 1994, the Guangshilian Department issued documents, which clearly mentioned that the import of 10 "basic reflecting world excellent civilization results and showing contemporary movie achievements".

Of course, 10 are just about the number, and the actual operation can be flexible. But what is the movie that can express "contemporary movie achievements"? We all know that it is mainly the US Hollywood blockbuster. As a result, the United States can bring rich economic benefits to all parties; in the second year, the introduction of the year did open the eyes of Chinese audiences. It should be recognized that the "stimulus" brought by the Chinese movie market will not be in the "stimulus" of the United States.

However, the introduction of chip also brings a series of problems.

In 2001, China joined the WTO, the agreement promised: a movie about the case at the consistency of regulations, upon accession without prejudice to China, China will allow imports to split in the form of movies for theaters, the number of such imports It should be 20 per year.

It should be noted that this "20" is one of Less.

February 18, 2012, China and the US signed a "memorandum of understanding the two sides to resolve the WTO film-related issues." Under the agreement, China imported split piece in the "WTO" commitments on an annual basis 20, increase 14 US high-tech format split video.

These numbers may explain why often see Chinese cinemas will show the film abroad has long been off the assembly line in the United States, such as September release of "Tomorrow’s war." A little-known detail is that in November 1999, after the United States had put forward China’s "accession" the United States must import 17 large split each year, an annual increase of five a year later.

This is clearly in order to maximize occupy the Chinese film market, profit.

In this time of negotiations, China hold a "bottom line" be in the game between home movies and Hollywood, who became the biggest "victim" mean? That is a small country movie.

Can a small country movie market to survive? If the traditional split the movie had to take into account all aspects, then there is another way of introduction, that "batch sheet": distribution rights for a price buyout of foreign films in the Chinese market, due to foreign film companies often bundled bulk sales, it was known as the "batch piece." Operation buyout film, mainly because some private companies. These private companies primarily selection of films by film festivals and film festivals.

Has completed the shooting of the film will project or just out exhibition, according to the buyer synopsis, trailers and other creative team or as a reference to determine the purchase, and then discuss the price and other details. It appears that "batch sheet" may provide more living space for the film from a relatively small minority of the country. But the cruel reality than we imagined.

On the one hand due to the buyout pieces, mostly small and medium-budget films, and the film’s strong regional small country, so the domestic box office and degree of recognition is not high; on the other hand, a considerable number of domestic small and medium-budget film at the box office is good, often "Charlotte worry "type of dark horse emerge.

Therefore, for economic considerations and risks, willing to operate "approved film" not many companies. To "seek long XIII" this movie is inexpensive, relatively rational ideal choice might be to join the national art film screenings Union.

But it also means that such a movie is destined to be in a more awkward position in the overall market, praised, and even become a small part of the fans’ enjoyment. " However, the small country movie is not without a way out. Indian film "Wrestling now! Dad "as a sports biopic, beginning not to be optimistic, but the final harvest billion movie box office, the film broke box office records in India Mainland China. Spanish film "invisible guest" of the pre-publicity is very low-key, final "counter-attack" against the also excellent reputation.

Unknown before similar examples also released Thai movie "genius gunmen" "love this small" and so on.

But equally good "long to find XIII" Why are neglected? Small country movie of "universality" and "estrangement" Recalling little ups and downs in China’s national cinema, they achieved some success, and just "small country" has nothing to do. "Wrestling now! Dad "discuss issues of women’s social status, the" invisible guest "suspense storeys of the plot," genius gunmen "exciting narrative rhythm," love this small "for the presentation of delicate teen romance movies …… these small country a major thing in common, is that they all have the Chinese audience can trigger resonance, allowing Chinese viewers to read the "surprise." In other words, is not a "small country" is not important, we can not show the "universality" of content is the key.

However, "long to find XIII" does not meet this standard.

"Long seeking XIII" is an odyssey where the father-like figure, in his extreme distress, still believe in the power of morality, I believe that pay and sacrifice to get a response.

If there is no certain knowledge of the social environment and religious culture in Serbia, it is difficult to understand the director’s intention.

There is such a movie plot: father back to daily living space, but found that rural communities of neighbors evacuated his house of all things.

This is the China National Native movies often condemn "evil" and criticized, but in the film, but his father from house to house to retrieve tables, chairs, dishes, no expression, no resistance was encountered.

Silence of the lens, there are feelings apocalyptic, which is perhaps characteristic of contemporary Serbian films.

But this is the Chinese audience a very strange image codes.

"Long seeking XIII" is doomed and we have some "distance" is not so "easy to understand."

This is perhaps the real situation of the country most small movie. For example, the movie "Bahuobali King" is very characteristic of Indian culture mythology movie, but many Chinese netizens only think of it as "the Indian god drama" "absurd comedy" at the box office and word of mouth can imagine.

European and American visitors to China often with a movie stereotype, not Jackie Chan kung fu-style entertainment, is the realism of the movie "backward", which of course is a misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

But back to think about, we can not accept a small country in the movie heterogeneous culture? If we are willing to accept that we are more used, more familiar with the content, then these small country in China’s film "Destiny" also imagine a. Sourceph "Style =" Display: None ">.