Beijing Beijing Theater Revitalizes the Opera with "Big King Wu"

Original title: Beijing Beijing Theater Revitalize Warter News (Reporter Guo Jia) November 12 Zhang Kai, Yu Shuai, Cao Yangyang, Wang Yanli, Li Haoxin, etc. The drama was launched in the beginning of 2019. In July, the creation plan was included in July, and the first draft was completed in 2020. In 2021, it was officially selected for the Beijing Beijing Theater Annual Creative Project. It is mainly created around the life of Beijing’s historical and cultural celebrity "big knife Wang 5", describing the history of "18999" in the late Qing Dynasty, "Da King Wu" loyalty, salvation, and finally a generation of heroes. The drama will be in Chang’an Grand Cinema on December 18th. "Big King Wu" master team gathered the scriptwriter Jiang Dao, Yan Qinglong, Sun Gui, director Zhang Feng, composer, singing chamber design Zhu Shao Yu, composer, device Wang Tianci, deputy director, Yinpeng, etc. guide.

Director Zhang Feng said, "The drama tells the" big knife king five ‘this man liver, the heroic deeds of the Zhongzhong’s loyalty Zhisi, must be created with Beijing Beijing-Beijing theater art standards, can fully display and play the theater. The high-quality Beijing opera military drama, but also the ancient book today ‘, pay tribute to the contemporary hero who is loaded forward for the people’s happiness life, "in the drama, singing chamber, famous drama musicians Zhu Shaoyu "The drama industry lacks a new play for many years, and the Beijing Beijing Theater not only has a lot of well-known Dapi, today’s many martial arts, Wu ugly, and the elite of the martial arts are also concentrated in Beijing Beijing Theater.

In order not to let the gold bury in the earth, the theater has created such an original drama. How to write new plays, we are also explore, my idea of ??music is to learn from the creation of the dance drama, strengthen music, increase chorus and orchestra, and the military actors often sing, so we will learn about the practice of the Sichuan drama. Meet a female chorus of five or six people, let this play, look good, still reflect hard work.

"Yang Shaochun, Beijing Opera Performance Artist, said that the Beijing Opera Stage has been dominated by the drama, but there is not only the edges, but it is not easy to win, but the artistic life of the drama actors is very short, so this new editor opera is far-reaching.

"Beijing opera performance artist Zhang Ziyi also said that the military in the country is shrinking, so the" Big King Five "is a pioneering. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing Let more people see.