The consciousness of the Chinese national community is united and striving for powerful strength

  From June 7th to 9th, General Secretary Xi Jinping took a deep care and deep love of the people of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, went to Qinghai to enter the enterprise, community, nature reserve, rural and other places to investigate and publish an important speech. In the past few days, the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at Qinghai Investigation, triggered a warm reaction in our district’s cadres in our district.

Everyone has said that it will further strengthen the consciousness of the Chinese nation, and continue to enhance the "five identity", hand and feet, watch help, to build a strong force in the construction of socialist modernization. The Chinese national community consciousness is the foundation of the national unity, the spirit of national unity, the soul of spiritual power. "Last year, we went to Qinghai Province to study national unity and progress, develop advanced experience. This general secretary also emphasized the national unity and progress, we must study General Secretary’s important speech, learn national unity and progress in other provinces Create an experience to further achieve the creation of the national unity and progressive zone in our district.

"The Director of the Missionary Division of the National Committee of the Autonomous Region, Ping Menda, the first step, we will take the main line of the Chinese national community, more powerful to promote the creation of the national unity and improvement model area, implement the national unity and improvement of the autonomous region Create a regulation and planning, actively explore the effective model of the overall promotion of national unity and progress, and make the creation work as an important task.

  Tibet Agriculture and Animal Husbandry School is a collective consisting of multi-ethnic teachers and students.

Liu Yong, deputy director of the Party Committee Propaganda Department, said that the school will seriously study the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at Qinghai, continue to study the "Tibet Autonomous Region National Unity Progress Model Area Creation Regulations" to promote "national unity publicity education + "Modes, actively carry out national unity and massive theme education activities, and further strengthen the awareness of the Chinese nation, continuously enhance the" five identity ", and make a strong force in the construction of socialist modernization. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that in the Chinese national family, everyone only hugs like pomegranate seeds, hands and feet, watch help, in order to achieve the great dreams of national rejuvenation, the flowers of national unity progress can be greater. This allows Lhasa citizens to feel inseparable. Ping Mee Zhaxi lived in a national united family, his father is a Chongqing, and the mother is Linzhi. Now he married a beautiful Manchu girl for his wife.

"General Secretary stressed that comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries, a nation can not be less. As long as we work together, struggle, you will be able to live a better life." Ping meat Zhaxi said. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the community should be an important position created by the national unity and progress, carry forward the good tradition of the people of all ethnic groups, and jointly build a harmonious homes of the national unity. This allows the police station of the Guaranan police station in the Guara City Ancient City Public Security Bureau.

"I am the first-line police in the grassroots, usually the most is the most people. I will work hard in my job, play the party’s pioneering model, and make the community work more, more, and further enhance the sensibility of the grassroots masses.

"Lu Wei said. Zhu Jinshui, a team leader, Linzhi border management detachment, Tibet, said:" General Secretary has especially stressed that we must adhere to the overall national security concept, adhere to the bottom line thinking, and resolutely safeguard national security. This is also the responsibility and mission of the immigration police. We must practice the skills while watching the border, and put into work with a more solid spirit and high fighting spirit, and strive to improve the border management service level, ensure that at a critical moment. I can get it, rush, and win. "General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized:" To make industrial cultivation, enterprise development with the masses, rural revitalization, national unity, and promote each other, complement each other. "The Qinghai-Tibet Corporation aided the bucket water plant in the Shengekan Village of Naqu City, Shengekan Village has been put into operation. In the past three years, the Village Task Force is also active for the water factory while paying attention to the production of herders. Currently, Ando 50% of the county of 50% are from the Shengeka Village Water Plant, which brought more than 20,000 yuan of dividends in the village.

Chen Chunyou, the team captain of the Qinghai-Tibet Group Company in the Shenge Kagu Village, said that although our village has been poverty, the industry is still weak, and the important speech of General Secretary has firmly increased our confidence and determination to further increase the cultivation of industries. Next, we must strengthen national unity, promote the rural residence better, rely on the industries of bottled water, and strive to develop other village collective economies, solve the problem of the herdsmen, and let the people of the herdsman’s money bags It is better to promote the revitalization of rural villages.

(Editor: Ondeng Zhuo, Wu Yuren).