One, then one, running out the rural resonance acceleration

Ronalgou Village has set up 91 households, a poor, including 107 households, 248 people in Man Tang Village, 78 people in Wang Bao Shangou Village, all achieved a poverteil cap; Romantou Village, Man Tang Village focused on developing medicine, The special planting industry such as buckat is to solve the problem of poverty in this village, driving the development of the surrounding Chinese herbal medicine industry; Wang Bao Shangou Village develops Jinshi Huangju planting industry and photovoltaic industry, leaving a "permanent poverty alleviation team" … "Combined with the supervision characteristics of our bureau, the village Task Force is targeted to Shi Ce, realization of the ‘blood transfusion’ poverty alleviation to the ‘hematopoietic’ Help" Party Secretary, Director Xu Yanzeng, said, 3 The village team used it in the past four years to persistently adhere to the fruitful results of today’s harvest.

Then, standing in the new historical starting point, how to support the resulin industry, talent, culture, ecology, organization, etc. Relays, run a good country to revitalize the new way, this hipster grassland, slowly turn a non-stop windmill … driving in the "full of sacred grassland skyline", beautiful scenery is full.

"In 2018, there were only 53 resident populations in the winter village.

There are more than 120 people in winter, and there are more people in the summer! Li Yanxin, director of Wang Bao Shangou Village Women’s Federation, said that the village has developed well, and people returning home will also.

This year, Zhang Yujia, which is the first secretary and team leader in Wang Baosgou Village, said that it is necessary to make full use of the geographical conditions of the village and the existing industrial development foundation, and make full use of the "full of the mythical grassland skyline", and vigorously develop ecology. Tourism, promote the development of "Zhengshanwan" ecological special tourist area and farmhouse project development, and further realize the stable income of villagers.

"On the basis of adhering to the original model, we will further utilize the forest land, mountains, slopes, and promote the semi-wild planting of Chinese herbal medicines, which can not only improve the quality and quality of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, but also gradually restore local wild Chinese herbal resources. Vivid local green ecology makes this region to form a sustainable development of the road medicinal planting base. "Zhou Jianbu, the first secretary and team captain in Luo Minggou Village, is full of confidence in the future," At the same time, we must Considering that it is easy to plant, it is easy to manage, facilitates large-scale mechanical use, which makes planting varieties, raise the life, high yield ‘. "The rod is running, and one stop is taken. Wang Fengshan, Sun Hao, Li Dong, and Han Factory came back, Guo Zijun, Li Sijing, Gao Lei, Liu Wei and other new players went again. These players from the Hebei Provincial Drug Administration will continue to help rural rejuvenation with full "iron" and "iron power".

"I solemnly promise: under the correct leadership of the party group, use passion and persistence, ignite the fire of struggle! Hold the mentality of the unsatisfactory business, biting the tenacity of Qingshan does not relax, and devoted the new round of rural villages to revitalize the first line … "The state of the team members in the village is powerful! To force, do the village revitalization acceleration, the small village that is broken, the new vitality, standardized health room, the nursing home, the garden square fitness equipment is also amazing, the brush brush in the roadside makes the village have become lively. The essence of the villagers is also good … These harvest fruits have been harvested in the past, and the hard work of the Village Task Force is not in the universal leadership and support of the Party Group of the Hebei Provincial Drug Administration.

"It is necessary to meet the difficulties in time to meet the party group, and the party group will do our utmost to help coordinate resolution.

"Xu Yanheng is in the village team. In fact, the Hebei Provincial Drug Administration has been doing this. In April 2019, Xu Yanhang band team went to Wang Bao Shan Village to help the investment, and when he left the people still what needs "We need a bridge! "Wang Bao Shangou Village Zuchu is far from the generation of a bridge, so that it is not touched when it is raining," I have been separated from the world "." "In the face of Wang Bao Shangou Village, the Hebei Provincial Drug Administration actively coordinates the relevant unit departments, raising more than 90 million yuan, held the starting ceremony on September 10, on September 10, the end of November, the main bridge was completed, and the year was achieved at the end of the year. By the train. If there is a payment, there will be harvest! In 2018, in 2019, for three consecutive years, the Hebei Provincial Pharmaceutical Supervision and Administration Bureau took out the poverty work and assessment; the two resident team was rated as the province’s excellent resident village Task Force; Recently, the Personnel Department of Hebei Provincial Pharmaceutical Supervision and Administration Department, the Tangkou Village Tourism team in Kangbao County, Zhangjiakou City, also won the honorary title "The province’s deformed adventures Advanced collective" … Leap up, It is the starting point of new life and new struggle. In order to help the poverty of the poverty, it is effective with the village revitalization, and effectively strengthens the organization leadership of the revitalization of rural resurgery, comprehensively promoting the revitalization of rural resolution, the Hebei Provincial Medical Supervision Bureau held a special party group meeting, established Leading Group and Office of the Rural Revitalization Work.

Xu Yanzeng said that the Hebei Provincial Medical Supervision and Administration will closely around the provincial party committee, the provincial government to consolidate the development of the effective connection to the poverty and the effectiveness of the country’s revitalization, and in depth, implementing the technology to help demonstrate, and promoting the formation of industrial help and industries. Long-acting mechanism, continuously consolidating the foundation of the rural and prosperity, painting more magnificent rural revitalization, in order to strive to create a new era to build a comprehensive economic provincial and beautiful Hebei contributing drug supervision.

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