Jinshanki did not respond,But the harsh sound suddenly disappeared,Li Tianzhen found that he began to slowly turn around the stamen again,Can’t help but smile,“The terrifying creature you just saw is the will of the world,Logically,If you are a thing of the mortal world,It shouldn’t be rejected。”

Li Tianzhen’s body rotation speed suddenly increased,The airflow around has also become more artificial,And the harsh noise rang again,Seems to really represent an angry mood,I should hate him to mention‘Instructor’。
To verify this judgment,Li Tianzhi continued,“They all said I was the god of war Li Xiucheng,Later, I said I was a chaotic body,I didn’t believe it at first,Don’t even have the concept of chaos,Then I heard a lot of legends,Can’t remember what happened,My body has also changed,I don’t even recognize it,But have to admit,I was surprised by such a change,I also like the small world in the gods,As colorful as the mortal world,Mountains and water,The ocean is endless,correct,Have you seen my god hide?”
Nothing to do,Li Tianzhen is really broken this time,Start yourself from Liuyun Guan and enlightenment,All kinds of weird and bizarre encounters,All the past until the Qingyang Jianzong’s underground palace is told once again,He doesn’t usually tell outsiders many details,Is the most trusted instructor,He never said,But don’t know why,Facing this big bud,But he said clearly,Not leaking。
I don’t know when the harsh noise in the bud stopped,I don’t know how my body is covered with bubbles,Li Tianchou’s surprised discovery,The bud seems to have opened a narrow gap,A clear cold wind poured in,Blow away the hot breath of the whole body,He was immediately refreshed,The strangest thing is,The calf that was severed by that glass-like dagger grew out again,Although the chaotic body has a reconstruction function,But it has never been faster。
“You are so stinky。”
Hua Bao’s answer surprised Li Tianzhen,Get excited,“You can really communicate with me,They said you are Jinshanchu,What is it?Why was it hidden in the underground palace of Qingyang Jianzong??”
“Go to the town of Sanki,He listened to the thief talking nonsense,I am nothing,You’d better not ask questions。”
“But you keep me so,I don’t want to talk more,Not bored?”
“You are like me,Chaotic,Doesn’t it belong to the mortal world??”
“You and me for the first time,Also got to know each other,Shouldn’t be so indifferent?”
“Where are you taking me?”
No matter what Li Tianchou said,Jinshanchu doesn’t answer anyway,But he obviously felt that the other party’s emotions became much more stable,Just soaring in the wind,The petals seem to let go of the surrounding protective barrier,The wind is more than a knife,It’s a gun,Ren Li Tianzhen’s body is unbearable no matter how tough,parefull,This speed is much faster than when he is flying through the clouds。
The air bubbles wrapped around the body do not have the function of shielding and protection at all,Its only purpose seems to be to ensure that Li Tianzhen does not leave the buds,This reminded him of the pressure cooker after removing the valve,A ping pong ball placed on top when it is hot,Hop and hop,In short。
Torture,Li Tianzhen can think about it too,Try to be patient,Reluctantly observe the scenery outside the petal gap,Can only see some outlines,But also surprised him,It’s a dark world for a while,As if falling into the abyss,I saw daylight in a while,And there are white clouds,lucky,I can still see the vast blue。
Li Tianzhen knew that Hua Bu had already taken him out of the underground palace,But I don’t know that Bud is going crazy in the sky right now,Flying wildly between the atmosphere and the barriers of the world,Get into the gas layer for a while,Fly out again in a while,Seeing to touch the barriers of the world,Head down again。