Unexpectedly, in just over half a month,He was promoted from an elite member to the captain of the Fangs Special Team。

It’s really a good thing。
Feng Shui turns,This sentence is true and not false。
“You said if they see me go back,Or go back with the name of the captain of the special forces,Would you be surprised,”Qin Hao whispered。
“Brother Hao,Your idea is a bit……”
Qin Hao’s eyes stared,Huang Xiaoding closed his mouth。
at this time,Commander Xiao of the Spike Special Forces Brigade has received the order,The captain of the Fang Special Team is here to pick the elite。
But he doesn’t know who is coming,He only knows that the iron-blooded blade has suffered heavy losses in these tasks,Urgently needed。
“Fangs Special Team,I haven’t heard the name,”Head Xiao said questioningly。
“Seems to be someone who has just been promoted to a top team,It is said that their captain was recruited not long ago,”Gong Jian on the side replied。
“Do you think this is Qin Hao??”
“I admit this kid is good,Give him three to five years and he will definitely be promoted to an elite member,Maybe it’s possible to be a captain。”
“But how can I become the captain now?,This is impossible,”Head Xiao directly denied this crazy idea。
Do not know why,Gong Gong Jian always feels that this kid might have made it。