“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,This pig farm has not yet begun,You have already replaced the mountains, and there is a scorpion.,I also admire.,However, this is still waiting for the pig farm to build it again.,Also, even if it is necessary to contract, the profits should not be too high.。”

“Because I was originally planning to use those pig manure to make farmholds to supply vegetable greenhouses,As long as the scorpion is committed to the hill brother, it will not sell too high prices.,There is also a profit can not be higher than one-third, I can consider the contracting to the scorpion and Xiaohan brother.。”
Li Hui, this is said,Liu Dafu looked at Zhao Xiaoshan, still,Directly kicked the other party directly under the table。
“Hill,What is still doing??
This can be a good thing to drop the tart in the sky.,You are in the middle,Not soon thank you, Li Boss。”
Liu Dafu didn’t use Xiao Li this time.,Directly changed to the boss。
But such a name is to make Li Hui Feng feel less than a few people.。
Zhao Xiaoshan is also coming back,Lift the cup directly,Excited:“Li Li Li, my brother,Kindness without saying thanks,I did this.,up to you。”
Finish,Zhao Xiaoshan drunk directly。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Zhao Xiaoshan would actually。
To know this53Degree wine,Such a cup will come back,It’s almost certainly drunken。
However, he saw Zhang Erzhuang and Liu Dafu’s appearance of a smashing.,Li Hui also lifted a cup to Zhang Erzhuang and Liu Dafu:“Two brother,Liu Shu,The hill brother is doing,We have been a family before,Another one’s own,We can’t do it.,Let’s do it.?”
Liu Dafu has never thought of Li Hui Feng will transfer war.。
But tonight, Li Hui has agreed to the farmer fertilizer after the pig farm.,It is also worth it to get drunk.。
Immediately invited Zhang Erzhuang to be bored。
Liu Dafu felt the hot feelings immediately,At the same time, it is also directly into the house to move out of a box of five grain liquids who are not willing to drink on weekdays.。
Maybe a few men have drank wine.,This time, Liu Dafu is driving without a person.。
“Xiao Li,The problem with your scorpion and hill is really let me know how to thank you.,You said that I have just started with the second strong.”Li Hui Feng now understands,Feelings Today, he is constant.。
However, I have been drunk in seeing a few people.,He is also a laugh:“Liu Shu,Does this matter have promised two strong brothers??
When I have time to go to Taohua Village, I must definitely talk to Taoun.,This matter Liu Shu doesn’t have to worry.。”
Li Hui said this,I don’t want to continue to eat.。
He feels again,I don’t know what the other party has to mention it.。
Just when he is ready to leave.,Zhao Xiaoli is behind a few dishes.。
“Come,Oil defensive monkey,Fried silkworm,There is also fat”“Xiao Li,Don’t drink too much.,The scorpion is also to drink a cup with you.,If you don’t have you,The scorpion is still a woman in the pot.。”
When I said this,Zhao Xiaoli’s eyes are sparkling,On the side of Zhang, I can’t help but I have to go.,Hurry and drink a bite of tea to cover the past。
“Hey-hey,Scull,I have just been drinking a lot.,I can’t drink again.。”
Li Hui Feng, this way,Liu Dafu, one side, immediately laughed and laughed.:“Hey-hey,Xiao Li,Can men can’t say it?,Especially in front of women,Of course, you can’t say it in front of your scorpion.。”
For Xu Lai Fu,Li Hui is also a bit awkward,He didn’t think that Liu Dafu came to say this.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,I can’t do it.,If the scorpion is coming again,Let’s drink together,I will live with gentleman.。”
This is said,Zhao Xiaoli is a table with a wine glass.。
Zhao Xiaoli on the table,Take a cup just lifted,Haven’t spoken,Zhang Erzhuang is some excited early preparation to drink a cup with the other side.。
Zhao Xiaoshan is also obvious.,Talk is also a big tongue。
“Hey-hey,sister,Don’t come together.,We really have to drink.,I can’t do it.,I have to go to sleep first.。”
Finish,Zhao Xiaoshan shakes and shook the up and walk towards the house.。
See this scene,Zhao Xiaoli also hurriedly got up and support each other。
After helping Zhao Xiaoshan into the house,Zhao Xiaoli is coming back directly,Then smile, three men, sweeping, looking at the table。