Rui Rui is also unfair to accept,It is special period now,Cooperate, will not have money,Because you all can’t prevent poppies from selling in China,The money is not as used to replace anti-Japanese supplies to the big rear.。

“master,My manal is needed to help people help,I know that you are not willing to talk to the Emperor,But according to my HID, there are also many pro-Japanese people exist.,You look at this is good.,Willing to go with me, don’t stop,If no one is willing, I will never ask.。”
“I didn’t reason if I didn’t know how long the long pool hall is open.,Then follow what you said.。”
“Also ask the master to convene the people of Rong Sote,I want to take away the people who are sincerely for the emperor.。”Rui Rui is deliberately,Even if you want to be a traitor, it is not good when the golden face is,As long as you are willing to follow,The vast majority is the iron traitor,Because these people belong to the back of the back of the girlfriend,
Golden Rongrui is still very respectful for Long Tuli,First of all, the master of the master of people,Also, this is, but there are a lot of trouble.,Otherwise, every day, the Japanese army is getting you trouble.,So his requirement is generally not refused.,Mainly, Long Tiri also has never proposed excessive requirements.。
He wants to take away the people who want to be traitors.,So the golden rival immediately sent people to convene the hand,And he is still targeted,Who is going on in the society, I know some of them.。
Hundreds of people gathered in less than two hours of Rongshi,Finally under the temptation of high salary,Rui sharply picked out more than 50 people,Let Song Jian and Tang Rui will let them go to the Long Pool Mansion in the morning tomorrow.。
“Long pool,Do you have to leave these people??”Golden prost,
“That should not,These people are going to receive training,master,Even if I can’t do it, I will not let them come back.。”
“master,In fact, I don’t want to take a person from you.,Since these people will follow me,That is no longer the people of Rong Society.。”
It’s really a long time to say this.,Even if these people want to come back,Golden Rong will not receive,So he is laughing.:“Is this a long time to help me clean up the portal??”
“master,I don’t dare to use your loyal person.,Now this result is good for us.。”
“Long pool,Now our business is getting better and better.,If you can also ask you to say hello,We have to do it every road.,And I will not be happy.,This is a lot of money for a month.。”
“Actually there is such a thing,I will go with them.。”
Qi Rui did the best with Song Jian and Tang Rui back to the Mansion,But I found that Matsuba was revised and followed by Shao Zhao.。
Shaozuo Zhao is an important participant in the Heavy Tang talks.,He played a lot in talks,Today, Wufu became a role。
“Songben President!Shado Dasuo!”
“Long pool,This is busy to recruit it.?”Shado asked,
“Yes,I just came back from Rong Social Golden Rong.。”
“This sly old guy,Let him not think about making money,Not related to the Huangjun cooperation,But what to do should do!”
It is the assignment of Shao Zhao Zhao.,Now Golden Rong is the largest opium dealer,The pot is full of money in just a short time,So he hopes that Golden Rong can donate some。
“Yes!I have reminded him.,I think he won’t let shadowa.。”
“Long pool,Heavy Tang talks about you very well,I have heard that there is no success since there is no success.?”Matsumotism,
“Yes,Songben President,But I think this thing is not a,We need a long plan,And also look at China’s situation,Seeing our plan in the current battle, it is impossible to succeed.。”
“Because it is now a national cooperation,Who is chaotic, it is destroying the war,They now have a common enemy is us.。”
“Then when you feel this plan is more appropriate?”
“Are we not already implemented?,The military personnel caught several common parties,Although it is safe.,But how is the party that may not be a mustard?,This kind of thing happened several times,Plus the many concepts of both sides different,So split is a late breakfast.。”
“Long Pool Hall is very reasonable,Songben president is indeed anxious。”Shadowo,
“Long pool,The next task is responsible for going down.。”