Jin-winged Dapeng seizes the painting,Gifted down,Niu Deyu is very powerless,Steel hardness hard,Stopping the golden winged Dapeng,Also 其 跟。

See this,Niu Deyan war is more expanded,Chasing the opportunity to catch gold-winged Dapeng。
His Montenegro said,Jin-winged Dapeng to go to the wind,A heart,No one can stay。
Jin-winged Dapeng roars,Collecting a talent,Reveal the body body。Both functions,Magnificent,The demon clouds hide the sky,Sweeping,Dead locking。
Suddenly locked this murder,Niu Deya’s heart,Although I can’t guess the variety of Jin-winged Dapeng,But also know that the other blood is extraordinary,He does not dare to try it easily,Run your hand, say something to say。
However, there is no。
The big brother took the opportunity to open a distance,Remote to the front of the golden winged Dapeng,And then remove the green faint banana fan from the mouth,Mindh,Falling against golden-winged Dapeng。
Boundless hurricane,Shock,Wink in the blink of an eye,Make the sunny sunscreen again。
The gold-winged Dapeng of the prior to the teeth, there is no figure.,Together with the demon cloud,I don’t know where to get it.。
Niu Deyou grasses the banana fan,Calculate it silently,Understanding his wife’s baby,This blow,Jin-winged Dapeng has been outside thousands of miles,Waiting for it,Lions and elephants are on the table。
That’s more,Even if the gold-winged Dapeng is also a means,He can also sell a teammate,For example, Montenegro,Thus, the soldiers do not take the final victory。
Later,Go to the retrielet,Cooperating the princess who is not suitable for the widow,Brother, generous cows, borrowed her for a while。
Live in his house,Sleeping his bed,Flowering his money and tune his family’s 鬟鬟,Think about it, Jara。
As for the jade, the princess is originally his little.,It takes more than a month by Montenegro
This laughter after her meal,Girls think about it.,The wise does not buy rumours,Long eyes know,It’s a little brother.,Help him warm the sky in advance。
High-quality cold,Niu Deyang Bath Sunshine,It seems like a gold armor,I am alone for a while.,Repel of heart,I know that the Lion’s San Demon is unbearable.,In the call, friends call someone onlookers。
A golden grazing from his head,Hundreds of miles away,Then I came to him.,The eagle on the face of the bird is full of anger。
Jin-winged Dapeng:╬Θア
what happened,Said that the good banana fan waves is tens of thousands of miles away.,Why is the Jin-winged Dapeng come back so quickly??
joke,Super speed also has a limit,Monkeys are not so fast。
Tie fan princess fraud,This banana fan is the mother?
Chapter 614 Buddha
The banana fan is a mother is not good.,Considering that there is another hand in the old man’s hand,And this is called‘Not’,That is, I can do anything.,But you have to obey,The banana fan in the brave king is still a mother.。
However, these are not related to the princess of the iron fan.,Niu De Wang takes the play of banana fan,At that time became the appearance of the respect,Kiss……
all in all,The iron fan is not on the banana fan.,Jin-winged Dapeng’s blink of an eye,It’s really too fast.。
Niu Deyu is not clear,Reminds to the golden-winged big pendant,I don’t want to think,Show the banana fan in the hand。
Hurricane,Demon cloud,Jin-winged Dapeng half-air,Disappeared in the distance horizon。
Golden light flashes straight,Then before returning to the king of the Niu Deva。
Jin-winged Dapeng is too fast,Well lack in long distance precise strikes,Must not,Can only be resurrection point,This has a repeated brake failure.。
Original lion camel,But it’s gone by Qinghe Lion.。