Wang Lin, who has been sitting there and said nothing, interrupted:“Deputy Mayor Zhao,I’m glad to comment on your official business,But one thing,I have to explain here”

“Mr. Wang, please tell,You treat me as the mayor of Ouyang,You are Welcome”Deputy Mayor Zhao said very generously。
Wang Lin nodded and said:“The leisure agriculture in Pingyang Town,Your town always has the final say。I want to change this time,It is the post-disaster recovery area that our entrepreneurial group is responsible for this matter。After the plan,Let’s study and decide together。Then we allocate funds in batches,Once the money reaches your account,Immediately use it on the decided project,Do you think it is feasible?”
Deputy Mayor Chen thought for a while,Hehe smiled and said:“This is too much,I’m worried about this。The restoration of leisure agriculture is imminent,One day can’t be delayed。It’s very suitable for you to catch,I don’t have to worry about the money anymore”
“how?They still miss the money?”Ouyang Hong couldn’t help but ask。
Deputy Mayor Zhao glanced at Wang Lin,A little embarrassed smiled and said:“It’s not that Pingdu is too poor,They do,To demolish the western wall to make up the eastern wall”
After Ouyang Hong listened to Deputy Mayor Zhao,I couldn’t help but let out a long breath。Pingdu,But it’s a mess,It looks prosperous on the surface,But the inside is empty。It’s not as good as when Mayor Li was here,No money at any time,But everything is so orderly。
Deputy Mayor Zhao took a bitter coffee,Smiled and asked Ouyang Hong:“Mayor Ouyang will not really return to Pingyang again this time, right?!”
“It’s really not my final decision,It’s better to resign me from public office”Ouyang Hong said angrily。
Zhao Fuzhen laughed and said:“Do not be mad,Who dare to say goodbye to you?I heard that you are going to be transferred to Bucheon,Did you get promoted??”Zhao Fuzhen said and laughed。
Ouyang Hong frowned,Asked a little unhappy:“Who is this nonsense??”
“Who else?Our Secretary Wang,He said it was revealed to him by the city leaders。I always feel that someone really wants you to leave Pingyang Town。I don’t know why they took the wrong medicine”Deputy Mayor Zhao couldn’t help but scolded。
Zhao Hong smiled and said:“I won’t go to Bucheon,I’m half a cat,I know。But Pingyang Town seems to be unable to stay anymore。Mayor Zhao,Pingyang Town can have today,But the result of our hard work,You have to protect Pingyang Town for me!If it breaks,Xia Jian can’t spare you when he comes back”
Deputy Mayor Zhao let out a long breath and said:“This burden is too heavy,Pingyang Town is currently on the rise,It’s not time to sit and collect money,So you can’t leave Pingyang Town,I will reflect on this matter,Until they agree。Otherwise, my mayor is not appropriate”
“Hahahaha!Listen to you two,Pingyang Town is still a bit turbulent right now?Do not worry!I come here to invest,The Peaceful Metropolitan Government has a verbal agreement,If Pingyang Town does not let Mayor Ouyang take care of,Our venture group divested,Big deal, even Pingdu’s investment is also withdrawn”Wang Lin laughed and said。