“I happen to be working nearby,Come and see you。how about it,Manager Han,I heard you got promoted?”Cui Ronghao put the flowers on the table,Sitting on the chair opposite her,Asked with a smile。

“Why are you so well informed?We just broke up。”Yushi picked up the flower and put it in front of his nose and smelled it,Enjoy。
Cui Ronghao pointed at the door:“You go out and listen,People in your company are talking about this,I don’t think it’s hard to know。”
Yushi laughed,Think about it too,The company’s gossip big brothers and sisters must be chatting now。
after all,She is the daughter of the chairman,after all,Shed reform project is difficult to do。
She still doesn’t know what they say about her?Praise her,Still think she is stupid?
“Whatever they say,I’m busy next。Shed reform、South Australia Apartments,correct,And the endorsement of Nanao Yaju。You came to invite me to dinner,Treat me?”In front of Cui Ronghao,Poetry is very relaxing。
“Of course it’s okay to invite you to dinner!But are you really going to make yourself so tired??Do you have so much energy?Woman is too tired,Be careful to enter menopause early!”Cui Ronghao smiled heartily,Deliberately mad at her。
“Who is going to menopause?”Outside,A nice male voice floated。
First31chapter Strange combination
Hear it,It’s Ji Yunfeng’s voice。
Wait for him to push in,See Cui Ronghao,Glanced at the roses on the table again,Smiled:“I just saw the back of a person holding roses and I felt like you,Really you!”
“I’m doing something nearby,Stop by and take a look at Yushi。”Cui Ronghao explained。
“Coincidence,I also come to see Yushi,But not by the way,But came to see her specially,Invite her to dinner at noon。how about it,Mr. Cui,Let’s get together at noon?”Ji Yunfeng said casually,It’s like he is someone from Yushi。
Cui Ronghao naturally heard the overtones,Very cooperatively agreed:“OK,Together at noon。”
Finally waited until Yu Shi was single again,He can’t give others a chance。
Looking at these two men,Yu Shi faintly feels something is wrong。Didn’t they two have known each other a long time ago?How do you see the other person’s eyes are unfriendly?
It’s lunch break,Three people left the company together,Ji Yunfeng knows that Yushi loves western food,Specially selected a western restaurant。
This western restaurant is a famous online celebrity check-in shop,Those who come to eat western food are usually couples,Their two men and one woman,It looks a bit different in a western restaurant。but,The perfect combination of handsome men and beautiful women has attracted a lot of attention。