“Maybe it’s a fake,There are not many estimates for the entire Lichuan cultivation base to the main level。”

“Don’t underestimate others。”
Argument reached its highest point,Many students who have just entered the college for a few years,May not have a major level of cultivation。
Fei Song glanced around,I can see that he enjoys the feeling of being noticed,The corners of the mouth rose up involuntarily。
Lu Fang was naturally surprised,The opponent is stronger than expected,An academy student from a remote place,Strength can reach this level,Already very good,The branches on other grounds are almost at this level。
First375chapter Yellow Sand Demon Dragon
Lu Fang confronts Fei Song,Although the two dragons are very similar,But Fei Song is obviously more capable in actual combat。
Yingshanlong has some small suppression everywhere,Lu Fang has many flaws in handling。
Last resort,Lu Fang called out a blue dragon that was still growing。
This blue dragon also has general strength,Its appearance,It also mainly interferes with Yingshanlong,Relieve some pressure for Lu Fang’s dragon master。
Unfortunately,Fei Song’s response is also very good,He made Yingshanlong pay the price of injury,I must also defeat the growing blue dragon,In this way, Yingshanlong can concentrate on facing Lu Fang’s dragon master。
Under a fight,Yingshanlong finally gained the advantage。
“Click until,This is the test,Not fighting。”At this moment,Han Wan said。