Because he knows,Qin Xibei didn’t want to mention the past,Otherwise, she won’t leave or come back for ten years,If not for the representative of Caesars Group this time,Maybe she won’t return。

“Don’t tell me this,Otherwise I’m not polite to you。”Qin Xibei said with a wry smile。
Qin Feng knew that Qin Xibei was not really angry,Because Qin Feng understands her,If she is really angry,Won’t say it,Go straight up and you will see the consequences of what you say。
“Good good,I will not say,But you have time to consider what I said。”Although I know Qin Xibei doesn’t want to listen,But Qin Feng insisted to finish。
“You still say yes?I’m so tired today,Wait for me to rest,I’m packing you tomorrow。”Saying that Qin Xibei leaned back on the sofa lazily again。
“Then i……”Qin Feng wants to say, can I leave first,But only half said,But dare not put the complete words,Say it all。
“Why don’t you give this queen a massage?!”Qin Xibei said in a commanding tone。
“Good good,Small one for you。”Qin Feng helpless,So many years have passed,Myself in front of her,Still the obedient child who dare not refute。
Qin Feng went around behind the sofa,Use your usual posture when you massage Jiang Yan,Put your hand on Qin Xibei’s white neck,Start the massage gently。
Haven’t noticed before,Qin Feng suddenly discovered,Qin Xibei actually wore a translucent pajama,And don’t wear anything inside。
Qin Feng was shocked himself,But the movements of the hands did not stop。
It’s nothing else that surprised Qin Feng,But as a pervert in the eyes of many people,Been in the house for so long,Didn’t find it,Qin Xibei is so sexy,Hot,And bold。
Could it be that I just had an intimate action with Jiang Yan?,And made myself not paying attention to Qin Xibei’s clothes?Thinking of Qin Feng, shook his head。
After thinking for a while, Qin Feng finally understood,Actually in his heart,Never regarded Qin Xibei as a woman,So even though Qin Xibei dresses like this,I am indifferent。
Fortunately, Qin Feng figured it out by himself,Otherwise, he is worried that he has no feelings for women anymore,How else,Such a peerless beauty,Almost half naked in front of me for so long,I didn’t even notice。